Sunday, December 17, 2017

Beeswax Rendering and Pouring into Beeswax Molds I bought at Dadant

Dusty watches on while I pour the hot beeswax into the molds he was working in his journal.

Me pouring the hot wax into the molds

the wax in the disc ready to melt and put in the molds

the other 1 ounce mold I bought all the molds at Dadant

the wax in the mold
Beautiful beeswax
the beeswax molded from the molds and ready for use in the products


the frames filled with honey ready to be extracted
yum see the honey rolling while the cappings being cut
the cappings falling into the capping tank
me cutting off the cappings
the comb filled with honey
the nylon bag filled with cappings
the wax melting from the bag
the cappings in the crockpot in a nylon cheese bag or you can use a sock the crockpot is filled with  water and turned on low to high see instructions below
this is the slum gum which is left after the melting of the wax
the wax forming into the disc while cooling
the wax after rendered and cooled

the instructions above

these at the 1 ounce beeswax molds I sell at the market
this is some of the products I make with the beeswax and sell them at the shows and at the Smithfield Farmers Market.
This is Ledger our grandson with one of his onesies Tara made him with her Cricut and vinyl. He is certainly Adorable!!!





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