Friday, December 29, 2017

Easy Healing Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

The chicken noodle soup is super easy and very nourishing for the body and with all the collagen in the bone broth it helps to heal the body and here lately with cold season all the help one can get to stay cold free is a plus in my book. This recipe is super easy and all my boys like it since its not over spicy or so called "weird" stuff in it. Where as Dusty is picky and not so much into things that aren't familiar. Where as Cooper is willing to try anything and actually loves collards and kale. So this is a kid friendly recipe.
I use one of those large roasters to make our bone broth, you see the congealed (when it is congealed that is good as it means the gelatin is good in it) shape in the center that is the broth I did with the chicken we had the other night. I use farm raised chickens for the bone broth. You use the bones the necks, the livers, etc. Waste nothing. If you see I use the onion peelings, the whole celery and the carrots even the green parts of the carrot I buy the whole carrots and cut them myself. We run out of our homegrown carrots fast and I buy them at the market from other farmers but that is a seasonal thing. We especially love the tri colored ones. I use garlic too if I have it on hand....which mostly we do. Lydia Bastianich whom we love shows you how to make it on the show for certain broths or bases. She says waste nothing.
This is a large pot of the bone broth with the fat on top which you skim off once cooled. I put it in the refrigerator and then skim off. I have canned the bone broth in the past but since it uses the pressure canner and takes a lot of time...Bruce always just wants to put it in the gallon baggies and freeze it. Then when we want to make a soup or chicken and rice or anything calling for a broth or a soup base. It's perfect all you have to do is thaw it in your slow cooker or a pan, or however you thaw something for use when frozen.
Here I have started skimming it off the fat.

Here most of the fat is gone and ready for bagging the bone broth or pressure canning it...but follow safe methods for that. I have pressure canned it many times and to me it is a whole lot easier but Bruce always wants to make excuses to pressure can
I started making bone broth when Megan my friend told me about this website Tiffany has wonderful ideas and recipes plus uses ideas and money saving techniques which I am all about.
Easy Chicken Noodle Soup
I cook chicken first then allow to cool to shred
use your broth
parsley (fresh or dried)
simmer all together then once carrots are soft place in the noodles I usually just use the egg noodles you buy in a bag once they are soft its ready to eat. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste and its done. You can't mess it up I am not really a measurer but its mostly to your liking.
I wanted to show you how fast Dusty's little terrarium is growing. You can see the post about it here.
You can buy them here at Amazon it really is a great little project for kids. Plus its educational and exciting.
My daughter Alexis and our sweet adorable grandson Ledger. I took this picture when we were in Florida at the Thanksgiving week.
Flashback Friday 2013 #FBF
Our cat Stormy and our doggie Julie sitting here with me at the house while typing the blog up.
Remember it is getting close to the end of the year and you need to be thinking about your New Years plans, resolutions, goals......I had found a list of things I wanted to complete last year as goals and never thought again about it and low and behold I completed I actually completed all of them Which was pretty awesome!!!
also don't forget you can do things like the 52 Lists Project
or just any creative thing that helps you to release that creative energy and learn new things along the way.
Looking forward to the New Year,
Dawn Gallop

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