Monday, December 25, 2017

Happy Holidays 2017 Keeping it Simple

Happy Holidays from The Gallop's  we are so THANKFUL for everyone who supported our dream this year and without each and everyone of you we would not have our dream.
Julie our Pit Bull Mix doggie watches me put every decorations on. We have had her more than a year now actually 18 months and we were able to rescue her from The Paws of Hertford County. Although she rescued me I always tell her. I had had my should surgery when Colten showed me the website and I saw her and I wrote a long story of why we wanted her and come to find out she had been there since February of 2016 and it was August at the time of 2016 and she was still there. I told the boys she was just waiting for us!!! We all love her dearly!
Tomorrow we get to open this to test if it is exciting!!
These are the BEST OF NINE from Instagram. These are the picture that got the most likes throughout the year. I was glad to see the soap made one of them of the drying rack. Of course the honey in the comb. When Ledger was born. Amanda's beautiful cake for Aubrey's 1st Birthday. The one of the boys running on the beach in the OBX. Some of our nature walks. Aubrey's first birthday pics. Skylar and I together one of our last pics before she went back home.
 Skylar and Dusty running on the beach for the warmer times of the year. We have been cold here and I do not care for the cold...already looking forward to summer.
As I was think too this should be a week you need to reflect on your word for the year coming up. Are you going to do daily journal entries. Are you going to post daily to Instagram. Are you going to do a 52 lists project or maybe a index card a day? Or even the Tiny Buddha's 365 Tiny Love Challenges. These are some ideas to be thinking about this upcoming week. As you look forward into the New Year,  
Bruce and I have been married for 32 years now This was a little video my phone put together of us. All mostly with in the last two years except one was FROM LIKE 8 YEARS ago.

We had a wonderful holiday and mostly I'm just so thankful I have been able to rest and catch up on some house work, paper work, cleaning, and life in general when you run a farm this size and its basically just Bruce, Colten and me doing all the work. Its very hard and exhausting. We really never have much down time or movie time or just relaxing. Example last night 2:30 am one of the hens was making noises which never happens and Bruce and I had to go outside in the cold on Christmas Eve and see what was going on. As I tell everyone we never close.  
The YouTube Video of the Pics
Some of my favorites of Skylar.
Look at this beautiful gift our daughter Crystal sent us.

The boys got a Battleship game as a Christmas Eve gift and have been playing over and over.
Simple fun!
I got them one of those Ugly Sweater Cookie Kits and they had such a  great time with it.
You can see the laughs on the boys faces
Dusty and his cookie frosting got all over his face and his looked like he had seriously ate a lot of sugar. #FUN
This was our Christmas Eve Supper of Zaycon shrimp which you could get your order here and let me tell you its the BEST!!!! I meet the truck when I have orders and pick up some of the best meats available. So if you are interested check it out.
This was the turkey we cooked. Cooper said it looked like a VIKING Turkey, lol! I guess because it was going to be a feast.
I soaked it in a brine and then cooked it. It turned out wonderfully.
My handmade potato salad.
Has our pickles on it.
See below for recipe. I really never measure it but I am sure you can make it just start small you can always add more but you cant always take away.
My potato salad recipe I usually use one medium sized onion chopped in the food processor, approx.. 3 celery stalks. Ranch dressing powder I use approx. 1-2 Tablespoons, 1/2 cup of my pickles chopped and approx.. 1/4 cup of juice. 2 tsps. of celery salt. You can add celery seeds too approx. 1-2 tsps. that is optional I do not add them because the boys don't like them. Paprika and salt and pepper to your taste. I do the peel the potatoes if others are going to eat it but if we are at home
 I don't peel them. Mix all ingredients in bowl and chill or eat hot the boys like it both ways.

Bruce got the gag gift from Alexis. A blow up beard of bees. Everyone has laughed.

This is the terrarium kit that Dusty got he loves plants and planting which of course makes me so proud.
The kit is from here AMAZON 
He had a blast making it and I can see more to come his Ideas were flowing.
This is what it looked like in the dark.
This is was Christmas Morning we didn't have many gifts but the boys got what they needed and a few requests. We kept it real simple and everyone was able to enjoy what they did get and Dusty was sad that Bruce and I had no gifts o unwrap then they saw Alexis had sent us a box of goodies. I told Dusty we didn't need anything we were happy to see them get a few things and that was all that mattered. We had gave to the Salvation Army every chance we could and that made us much more happy than any materialist items. We certainly enjoyed a simple Christmas.

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