Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ledger is Going to Be a Big Brother.......and a few updates

Congratulations to Alexis and Garrett as they are expecting again. This sweet boy will be our eighth grandchild. They are so excited and Ledger will be almost one when _______ baby is born. We are all so excited for everyone. Our Wisconsin family is growing again. 
Ledger is sooooo adorable, I see so much of Cooper in Ledgie. 

So sweet and precious....we miss you little guy. 

He is in his nursery, I love all the work Alexis did in the room we got to see it when we were in Wisconsin right after Ledger's birth. 


I have applied for several big shows this year as I really feel like I am ready to take on more than day events now...well we have basically done 2 1/2 day events before and back in the early 90's we did big shows that lasted all weekend with our pottery and ceramics. So we are not new to this but now I feel that I have enough product made at any giving time to expand. So I have sent in for as most of these shows are juried and some that I am in now are juried. Which they require a lot of pictures and ones who know me .....know I got that covered. So I am hoping for the BEST YEAR everrrrrr. These were some of the pics I made as collages to incorporate into applications. Also I made DVD's for other shows that I have applied for showing actual pics of us in the hives, making the soap, making all the jams and jellies, pickles...etc. 

Pickles and Beeswax pics 

Soaps, soap displays, Bruce and I. Which we love our customers and really enjoy what we do. Although I will say on Saturday morning getting up at 4 am is no fun!! LOL but I do it to see my customers. Their smiling faces , their wonderful stories, the bragging rights they say.....which really really makes me happy!!!! 

The honey extracting and some of our bee products. This set of hives is what We have in one of the fields which in front of these hives are wildflowers....and let me tell you "them bees" as Skylar (our granddaughter who has lived with at times since mommy is in the Army) calls "them bees" love those wildflowers. 

We will have our FIRST CRAFT SHOW at


Grassfield Band Parents Spring Craft Show

February 24, 2018
Grassfield High School - Chesapeake, VA 23323  
from 9-4pm  This is a new one on the list this year....I am excited as we have done shows in January before, but this helps to get you back into the swing of the things. So mark your calendars. I will share others as I know of them. They will be at most of the regular places we already attend, as I have heard from some of the organizers. Those are further in the year. I will continue to keep you posted.

 I have been busy with making lots of soaps right now and I was able to go into the hives on Sunday since we had such a warm beautiful day. Of course as I told you before we did loose some of the colonies in those negative degree temperatures. Which this hard to overcome but with farming you will have these setbacks.....but hope and dreams keeps us going!!!!! As always keep yourself busy and always stay motivated!! 

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