Friday, January 5, 2018

The Painted Bee Boxes I Painted Deep Hive Body Size

   This is the one of the painted bee boxes I painted this year for the bee box competition. Which put on every year by good friend Jajala at the Nansemond Suffolk Bee Club. She does an amazing job organizing it, building boxes and promoting the competition. What I wanted to share in this post was that on New Years Eve "Jane" aka Jajala sent me a pic of a bee box that I had painted at the person who bought the box. All this is done for charity donations and for the sale of each box the money goes to help for bee research and other bee related things. If you would to participate you can contact the Nansemond Suffolk Bee Club and they can get you in contact with "Jane".

This is the box at the persons house....see how beautiful it looks there. It made me soooo happy to see this pic, as I never know who purchases the boxes or how much they go for....but I know Jane has said they get a fair amount them.

The goat, of course you knew I would paint a Ed says what does this have to do with bees......I just paint from the heart and whatever I want too.

My little dream cow.

Sunflowers and a bunny
You can see more of our boxes in the back we built ourselves and painted.
 Here is the box I did last year and this one won first place. This is one of the mermaids I learned from Jane Davenport. I took classes at Donna Downey's wonderful artistic place.
Close up of her face of the mermaid.

close up of the scales of the mermaid I used the best stencil (not sure of the name sorry)  I had bought one of those tiny circle stencils. I don't know who bought this one but it did win first place.
 This was the third one I did this past year, I need something a little quicker as by this time I had taken on too much and really needed to get it done. This really reminded me of an Inspiration Wednesday from Donna Downy. I always love her style.
                                                      Just another side of the bee box.
Another side of the bee box.

Yet another side of the bee box. I really do love this bee box. I don't know who got this one.
 This one was singing Mindy Lacefield so much I tagged her on Instagram which my Instagram is stampmom9
I had so much fun painting these bee boxes. I still have to pick up my boxes for this year...oh now to plan for that.
of course I love Mermaids and this bee box was my favorite.
Another view of the bee box and "Be Yourself"
The stencil is a Donna Downey and this girl is so cute. These bee boxes are such fun to paint.
Here is January 05, 2018 on January 03, 2018 we received approximately 12 inches of snow. The boys have not even been back to school  since they got out on the holiday break in December on the 19th. Of course they are loving it. I mean LOVING IT!!! They have stayed busy playing games, playing in the snow, watching movies, helping me with stuff and doing a few puzzles...which I love to do also...I always try to get them buy one of those long extensive hard to do puzzles....but na they don't even want to start
It has been very cold with temps dipping as low as 6 degrees for us which is like so unheard around here. The goats don't care at all for this cold weather......they haven't even been coming out of the building much. We have been giving them loads of hay and collards for their greens since they cant eat much grass right now. The bees got wrapped in heavy paper to help with insulating them in these extreme temps, which usually we don't have to do as our weather doesn't go into the teens or single digits.
I am really missing my nature hikes I can't take these temps at ALL. I have low iron despite the iron that I eat it is a malabsorption issue and I am taking this concentrated liquid iron supplement. So my hands and feet are ALWAYS cold so when I go out in these temps which I have to I have to bundle up and wear gloves and use hot hands. My hands even still just sting and hurt but I have to do my farming work outside no matter what.
Remember to try to keep staying positive and paint your heART out.
Best, Dawn Gallop

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