Monday, February 5, 2018

Soaps, Soaps and More Soaps Staying Busy

Hello I have been so busy tying to get soaps made and stay so busy. I have checked into getting into several shows and markets for the year. I 'm excited and hope to have the BEST year yet!! My customers even have told me they can't wait for the markets to open again. I look forward to seeing everyone again and I know Bruce does too. 

This is the same soap as above we pour our soaps in 15lb molds that Bruce handmade and we do have five pound molds where I have created bigger recipes to accommodate more soapmaking at once.  This is the honeysuckle up close.

This is the five pound mold of honeysuckle

Patchouli Oatmeal 

I love patchouli but its one of those oils you either love or hate no in-between, 
This is the honey oatmeal goat milk soap the little mold in the back I think is a 2 1/2 lb mold I bought that many years ago and I forgot the actual size. 

Close up of the honey oatmeal goat milk 

This is the lemon verbena which smells amazing 

Close up the lemon verbena 

My ladies at the Master Gardener show love this one 

Goat milk spearmint, Bruce made this cutter so it cuts the 15lb mold into three logs to then cut with the handmade cuter 

                                          Pictures of the soaps at the markets. They smell so good!!
More pics at the market 

                                                           This is the Gardeners Soaps
This is the lavender oatmeal goat milk. 

Some of the soaps drying on the rack 

More pics of the soaps drying they take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to insure that they last longer and are well dried. I do cold processed soaps. 

This is lavender coming out of the paper from the mold 
The cranberry goat milk 
We are in several stores around I hand paint the rack and deliver the soaps when asked.

This is me putting the soaps in the Life Is Good Store at the OBX 

This is what is drying on the racks right now. I have two of these racks the other one is much larger and a lot taller and of course holds a lot more. 
This was at one of our smaller shows you have to be able to be ready for any design of your display because a lot of times you don't know what your space is like or how close you are to your neighbor.  
This is the lavender soap in the mold. I make all my soaps in a designated craft kitchen on the third floor of my house, that is all I do in this kitchen is make the body products. It makes it so nice. 

Dawn at the bus stop this morning. So beautiful. I start my day early at 4:50 most days but sometimes it slides into 5:10 ish yes even on the weekends. On a farm you got to start early as there is always so much to do. I am looking forward to the warmer weather. Tonight is the Smithfield Farmers Market Dinner so I will get to see everyone from the market I always say we are all like one big happy family. I'm excited about tonight. 

Thought I would show you A SWEET baby but not so happy at the moment. Alexis sent me these pics it just makes my day to get these sweet little pics. 

Hi Ledgie grandma waving here 

We will be at this craft show this weekend so I hope you can make it out to stop by and say Hi. 

Stay warm 
Dawn Gallop

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