Tuesday, March 20, 2018

New Baby Goat Kids and The Week Updates

Last week we had three kids born several more expecting soon. We have a lot of goats and I enjoy every minute of it. They are so playful and as Bruce always says like little babies. We have to bottle feed some from birth and giving them colostrum from milking their moms (doe). Sometimes the mother goats don't take them or for whatever reason they have too many and only two teats and sometimes reject or refuse to feed the third kid. Most of the time its because she can't keep up with the milk production of the third as they kids are very attached to the teats. We have been very blessed to have so many goats born on the farm. We mostly have the Oberhasli breed, along with the Saanen breed. We do have a Nigerian as well. 

This is one of the little boys born this week. The Oberhasli breed. 

Here is Milly she was born this week too. 


                     Colten riding with Jack he had escaped and we had to take him back.
When its cold outside goats wear sweaters 

Some of the Oberhaslis getting fruit off the Privet bush in the goat pasture. They love trees and leaves. 

                                       Three of the kids these little ones are Oberhasli breed too.
Skylar love the goats all of them, and tells her momma I am taking all the goats home with her every time she is here she helps us milk them, make yogurt, cheese, and even loves drinking goat milk. 

Hello yep you guessed it another kid in a sweater

Momma loving her baby

                                                          Getting ready to give some treats.
 Everyone works on the farm and no they don't want to but the older they get the harder it is to get them to help out. Bruce will take all the IPads and Xbox away until they complete their chores.
                                      Two of the kids just chillin"

When the mom doesn't help take care of her babies we have to take care of them and they get brought in and placed on heat lamps and bottle fed, which I don't mind until there are so many of them and I am bottle feeding so many. Wink you know I love it!  

Two kids born this week and you can this is right after birth.

My granddaughter Samantha and one of the baby goats. 

Yep when I can I like to play dress up and get pictures but it doesn't seem like I have that opportunity anymore. The kid is adorable in the bunny ears. 

When its 16 degrees outside or like this year even colder we have to keep them warm. Bruce makes it where they cant knock them over or anything. Yep again a sweater on a goat.....I love it! 

Bottle feeding again  

Samantha and Daisy 

Yep even driving around with them 

At Tractor Supply 

Goats hate the snow and rain they don't even want to come out in the rain or snow!!! 

You can see how small the kid is next to the rooster. 

Today I made blackberry jam, blackberry seedless, yesterday I made hot pepper jam, made cheese, rendered beeswax and created more candles, sliced cucumbers for pickles which I soaked in the lime and now are in the brine. Boxed soap which I tell you tales foreverrrrr, printed labels, bottled honey, and washed and folded laundry........I'm exhausted but I wanted to get this post in. This weekend we will be at the Daffodil Festival 

March 24 9-5pm 
March 25 12-5pm 

                                                      The blackberry jam I made today.
The blackberry jam......I also made the seedless which is a little more labor intensive. 

More baby goat feeding 

Gotta feed them baby goats about every four hours my aunt helped feed them she has been helping me box soap and label it this week and last. 

At the bus stop Monday morning 

From the Neighborhood Harvest 

I hope to make another post before the end of the week but who knows as I have to set up Friday early so week will be short, meaning I wont have Friday to make stuff too. Until next time have super awesome week!! 
Dawn Gallop 

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