Thursday, March 1, 2018

Spring Craft Fair at Western Branch Middle School this Saturday some Display Ideas and Happenings

Hello all Saturday we will be at the Western Branch Middle School from 9 am to 3 pm. It will be a nice event lots of artists and crafters and foods will be at the school for the show. We are excited and hope you can make it out. 
Below is from the show we did Saturday at Grassfield which was a nice show I saw several other vendors I know and its always nice to visit. Some of my regulars showed up which is always THE BEST!!!! Loved seeing you guys. I also had a big surprise my little sister and little brother showed up which was so AMAZING to see them. I hadn't seen them really much since our dad passed away in 2009. 

I love you guys!!! 

This wonderful man named Joel made me a new pasta board out of oak so now when I teach the classes I can travel with the pasta board. YAY!!!! Love the shirt....right sawdust is man glitter. LOL!!! 

A little Ledger update.........Hello buddy!! 

This is where we will be on March 10, 2018 
This is a juried show so I am excited to be able to attend. Plus I am sure someone will want to trade with me..... It's always nice to trade. I have been super busy as if you don't already know that. Today I made elderberry syrup which I will share the process on one of the upcoming post. I also made the sweet and tart cherry jam per request. I bottled a whole bunch well like 24 of the tiny bears full of honey for show. The are like 2 ounces of honey and are super tiny but super cute. They make great gifts or to keep in your purse for your tea. I also did several quart jars and pints of honey too for the show. Tomorrow some goat cheese and pack the car and I will be ready for Saturday. Hope to see you soon. 

Take care and enjoy your weekend, 
Dawn Gallop

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