Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Days at the Daffodil Festival and Where We will Be this Weekend and Updates

Well I had this long story I was going to tell ya about us after we got home from the Daffodil Festival in Gloucester Virginia but this post started out Monday and now here it is Thursday and I guess I will get typed up what I can......We left had a BLAST at the Daffodil Festival met some awesome people and some of our usual customers showed up...again thanks for the support!!! It makes me proud as a peacock to see you guys!!! We set up on Friday and was able to see some of our other vendor friends and chat with them. We drove home which it took us a little over two hours each way. We no sooner got in the drive way and delivered three baby goats....and one was delivered right before we got home. We got in the bed at like 12 ish and got up at 3:50 am to get ready and drive back over to Gloucester.  We were super busy and it was hard to get away to even go to the restrooms. I enjoyed every minute of it and we are sooooo THANKFUL!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!!
We are forever having different set ups as you never know what kinda of space you will get how it will be angled or what have ya. So you always have to be ready to set up and be creative in different ways.
There are always lots of soap vendors but people tell me all the time my soap is the best, I charge it with love and healing powers and pour my heart into every bar. All my oils are infused with a lot of the herbs I grow. I also only use essential oils for all the soaps.
The jams and jellies as always are a huge hit and of course the honey. The goat cheese is always welcomed even to ones who have never had it.
I sold all my teas but two.
We were at booth 410 and it was cold. We had excellent vendor neighbors and I couldn't have had it any excellent spot too! Thanks Daffodil Planners!
                                                            The parade was awesome!
                                                             More on the parade
                                                Everyone was dressed cute in the parade.
These folks ROCKED!!! They helped sooo many of us and even offered free coffee, water, and prayers. They helped us unload our trailer when we arrived. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!! We couldn't done it without you all!!! 
Of course mega amounts of the BEAUTIFUL Daffodils everywhere just stunning! 

Daffodils everywhere

          This was exciting to me and it is with any juried show as it can be very hard to get in them
This quilt was in one of the stores on Main Street and I knew the pattern as I did one of these quilts back in 2004 Turning Twenty.......made my heart sing!! Gorgeous work!
More Daffodils, my grandma Galbreath called them Jonquils which I looked it up they are called this in different parts of the country 
I was so excited to see this.......sign!
                                                             Street signs in Gloucester
                                    In the center of town the theme was painting the town
                                                                       Beautiful Town
                                                Gorgeous Daffodils EVERYWHERE
                 This is where the bathrooms are in Gloucester Va and it was in the jail....haha
Built in 1873 the Gloucester jail 
This concludes my pictures of the Gloucester Virginia Daffodil Festival THANKS AGAIN FOR Everything!!!   

As always trying to hike when I can....I just love it! Gotta keep protecting myself from ticks they have actually been out already this year 

The trees are changing and I am seeing green on the hikes and tree buds 
I saw this adorable little mushroom and I found the feathers on the hike 
 This week has been beyond always planting time is always an added amount of work along with the usual, it just means other stuff piles up, I am not as fast as I used to be and I get done what I get done now. Most of my seedling have come up in  the greenhouse and my radishes are up in the high tunnel.
 The okra is up and I still have to transplant today. I hope to finish that in the greenhouse and get the shade cloth up too. We are bottle feeding four baby goats sooo I have to stop and go make bottles.....I just love it!

Here are all the transplants I did yesterday, Bruce came in and said it looks like you got a hundred done....I said no not that many and Bruce of course being a numbers person says no you did a 106 these are all early jalapenos, which I can't even get enough jalapenos  

Since its Easter Weekend coming up and I haven't been able to do my usual Easter Stuff like making peanut butter eggs and baking goodies, and candies I will share this video with you of Dusty when he was like Two and he tells you the bunny is coming.....AWWW 
I promise you, it is soooo sweet!! 
The classes are filing fast and I am sooo excited to show/tell you what I know

This weekends market is at Smithfield Farmers Market on Main Street behind the BSV Bank in Smithfield Virginia from 9-12 I hope you can make it out. I know lots of my customers are excited to get back tot the market. I am too and see my market family. 
Sending out good vibes to all,
Dawn Gallop

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