Friday, April 20, 2018

Good Morning and Let me tell you where this weekend is going? #BUSY

This is where I will be Saturday and Sunday with my beautiful amazing plants I have grown for our farm and tons extra. I will also have  a few of my goodies and such.  
This is where Bruce will be.....I know I applied to be in here and got into both shows sometimes you don't get into all the shows you apply for so when you do its a good thing. 
Sunday Bruce will be here the Norfolk Zoo is having an amazing Earth Day Event so I don't want to miss that either......I should have more plants too. 
I hope you can make it out to some of these this weekend. 

I finished that book Flat Broke and Two Goats which is AMAZING!! 
I have much more to tell but I am out of time......I still have lots of stuff to do today for the shows....packing and go set up tonight at the Fred Heutte Center......#BUSY 
Enjoy your weekend and HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!! 

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