Friday, April 27, 2018

Saturday April 28, 2018 We will be at Smithfield Farmers Market in Smithfield Virginia

Hello everyone well its been another one of those wild and crazy weeks ......sometimes I ask myself when will the roller coaster ride at least slow down for a wee bit so I can catch my breath?? I am in no means complaining I just want a second to finish reading one of my books and maybe even watercolor for an hour. 
With the greenhouse loaded and everything in full swing growing season....not to mention still bottle feeding kid goats and making cheese and you now all the stuff we do. I had even considered taking tomorrow off at the market......I know but really I couldn't I borrowed a tent for my show last weekend because one of my tents is broke and I was worried about the winds....and I need to get that tent back to the man I borrowed it from. We did four shows last weekend and one on Wednesday. The Wednesday market was at the Historic Garden Week in Hampton for their 85th year. All morning it was so slow and by the afternoon it turned into an awesome show. I was bored in the morning but I was able to read my book and enjoy talking with other vendors, some I knew from other events...its always nice to see someone you know. After the show Wednesday we picked up 14 more bee packages in Moyock which meant after the show driving separate cars as Bruce and I are also working on a construction job where we are doing a roof and replacing old windows. So Bruce went to the job and I to the show. When we got home we milked goats and then drove to Moyock. So as you can see as always a wild and crazy ride, but a good one! 
I have so much to share with you all but I honestly don't have the time to work on the blog right now....I know sounds ridiculous , right!!??? Well I will be planting all week too and I may not get to share all my ideas and post I want to share with you all. Next week also Colby will be 14 and we have a show at Virginia Beach General plus a Wednesday show with the children at a Catholic School for them to shop for their Mother's Day gifts, I just take soap there. 
Have a great weekend!!! 
This is for the show at Virginia Beach General from 9-4 next Thursday and Friday 

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