Friday, March 9, 2018

Tomorrow We will be at Hickory High School for the Spring Artisan Show

Tomorrow we will be at Hickory High School for the Spring Artisan Craft Show we are excited to be apart of this for the first time. It is a juried show so I can't wait to see all the talented people tomorrow. Last week I had several of my customers and regulars stop and it was nice to see you all at Western Branch Middle School. After the middle school we went a private art event where there was a wonderful rock band playing....and they were really GOOD!!! It was so nice a lot of my art buddies and very special to be apart of it. It has been of course and extra fast week and you already know extremely busy!!! I have seeds planted in the greenhouse. We had two girl goats born today and they are bottle fed, their momma Daisy isn't the motherly type...of all the kids she has had he has only fed one of them and mostly we had to bottle feed that one too. I know you want to see pics/.....its coming I had all these post lined up and I tell you my time is crazy. So to let you know where I will be is as far as it gets tonight....

I got three of these made. Plus a few more candles I will have tomorrow. Plus my aunt came out and helped me box soap sooooo I have all those soaps ready that I poured back in December and January. WooooHOOOO!!

A little Ledger snap.....growing up! 

Who doesn't love daffodils 

Hope to see you tomorrow in Hickory. 
Happy Weekend!!! 
Dawn Gallop

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