Friday, March 16, 2018

Where we will be tomorrow at Deep Creek High School and Some Little Shamrocks for ya

Hello and a HUGE Happy Friday.....TGIF! I love Fridays and get so excited to see some of my customers tomorrow. You guys really make me sooo happy I have been hearing good things and them telling me they came here just for me......which is really AWESOME!! Last weekend at Hickory High it was wonderful to see so many of my customers and all the great people I met too. I even got invited to some upcoming events and looking forward to those shows.....HAPPY HAPPY Dance!!! 

So if you can they are calling for even more rain tomorrow. I know........its like a mud fest hear on the farm. Thank goodness I got my Muck boot!! Really don't know what I would do without them. 
If ya can stop by tomorrow to see me that would be super duper!!! 

This week was yet a crazy one....low temps in the 20's again at night which is really hard on my little greenhouse, I do have seeds coming up....YAY! 

We drove to Raleigh to pick up our ABC Producers  and Special Events License for the Mead. 

I made several items this week....more roll-ons which I know you want more and more types I did do one with wintergreen and the sweet birch and birch tar....and some peppermint....this one is my relief on as you asked for... so you got it! 

We had another baby goat born this week another Oberhasli boy which Colten has named Dumbo. 

We extracted more honey. Which as I type Bruce is actually doing more right now.  Colby helped too. 
I made more of the salves that I have been out of. 
Plus made cheese Sunday and Tuesday......
Milk goats
clean and take care of the ALWAYS a BUSY LIFE!!! LOL! 

I also had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy which I had to start prep for on Monday night and the test was Thursday at 2pm soooo all I can say I was in need of food after that! 
Had to order more soap boxes too, which now they have went up again. I need more jars too for canning but they have all went up more than a dollar a case. Almost two dollars....
Geezz! Sigh! 

Filling the roller balls

Our Mead (of course you see my watercolor art) wink! 

Bruce giving Colby and explanation of how the honey is released from the extractor. 
The gray box on the table is the uncapping tank. 
We still have even more boxes to extract thankfully ur of our friends loaned us the large extractor which holds ten frames at a time, this extractor only holds four frames. 

The honey coming out of the extractor 

A video of some of my beekeeping pics

Next week we will be at the Daffodil Festival in Gloucester Virginia which is a huge event and we are excited to go. You can view their Facebook page on the Daffodil Festival for exact times, etc. 

We will be at the Smithfield Farmers Market on the 30th of March. I know my customers will be so excited to see us. 

I told you I would show you some Little Shamrocks 
(last year) 

Skylar two years ago

One of my favorites Skylar with Boomer last year, we lost him not long after this pic. He had Lyme disease. 

Skybear at Walmart last year in what she calls our twin coats. 

My little sweet granbaby. 
The art work on the Mead bottle from my watercolor journal

Every year I make Irish Soda Bread which the boys love 

And of course a corned beef 

Usually cabbage but this year I did more sauerkraut  
This is the Sauerkraut 

Well have a wonderful weekend and Have an EXCELLENT HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY 

Top 'O The Mornin' to ya! 
      Dawn Gallop

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