Thursday, November 7, 2019

Week 17 Donna Downey's 48 Weeks Journaling Workshop Class ~You ARE bOOtiful~ Way off the class

Hello and unbelievable but its already November which I had bits and pieces of this completed and I wanted to post before Halloween but however that didn't happen. I actually cut the fabric dolls out during a car ride to and fro a show. This is what started off as Week 17 of Donna Downey's 48 Week Class  but somehow I took a left turn and ended up they say let the art speak for it self as it will tell YOU what it wants to be! The fabric cutouts I bought because I went to Joann's when my daughter Alexis showed me all the fabrics they had for the Halloween season. Well that was IT, I had to to get to Joann's the first chance I could. One of my customers ordered four elderberry syrups and we were out delivering close to where Joann's is.....PERFECT I quickly mentioned to Bruce I would like to go the Joann's. With Bruce there Is NO shopping unless you absolutely need it! He dropped me off and went to the store to get a few things. There were only two Halloween fabrics in the store...this one and a Snoopy one.....I was like ohhhhhh I really wanted some of the prints Alexis showed me on FaceTime. Anyways I got this one and I'm glad I did never imagined it was going onto Week 17's journal pages. I had a blast as usual. I layer every second I can....I come over to switch laundry over, check on dinner (which is mostly Instant Pot), etc. and I throw a layer on here and there. I kinda thought I was going back to week 5 as this progressed but it took a slight Y in the road. 
Last weekend was super busy at the Jubilee that this week I have been basically working around the clock....NO JOKE yep burning the candle at both ends. Trying to catch up enough to make it through this weekend. I feel like I am on the endless loop de loop roller coaster. It's a RIDE let me tell ya but I know that January is coming and it slows up a bit. I still have goats and farm work but the shows aren't every weekend. Plus this month there were shows during the week and some days twice during the week. 

                  The fun "scary" tree which my boys loved this one. It certainly was fun.
 Remember this book is the large book and to show how large it is I put my feet in it. So you can judge how large it is. This is the full spread.
Loved all the ephemera I used in the background. Perfect for extra layers. 

These characters were just so cute and fun. 

This one actually reminded me of Wednesday from The Addams Family. We went to the movie to see it on the Wednesday before Halloween. A little Halloween treat for the boys. They love getting the popcorn and nachos......I know it cost me a fortune but its a TREAT! 

You can see all the texture here. 

Of course ya always need the witches 

More of the fun characters. 

Note the Texture, I absolutely love texture it just adds so dimension and space. 

You are bOOtiful I just love it! It fit my goth side and Halloween all at the same time.

The full of each journal page if you would like to see any of the other classes I did you can go to each week to see them

Go to Donna Downey's for the class to JOIN

This is where Bruce will be on Saturday and Sunday it is a great show well put on and a great design. It brings a lot of folks in and is in a great location. We will have our Mead for sale as we have the NC License to sell alcohol. So stop by if ya can. Over 70+ vendors a lot of them some of my favorite NC buddies!!! 

I will be here Saturday, I have never been here before ever and a few of my good buddies do this one so they suggested I come. So we shall see. I hope you can make it....I hear its EXCELLENT!!! Lot of vendors, great food and it is time to start your holiday shopping!!!! Some come out if ya can!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Week 16 of Donna Downey's 48 Weeks Journal Workshop ~Paint your truth spill your story~

Hello and a wonderful good day to you. Since the last post the weather has changed significantly to a crisp fall.  Last night went to 42 degrees and was windy I had the porch door screen open and all my wind chimes were just a is a beautiful sound. I have all types of wind chimes from wooden ones, to glass, and metal such a relaxing beautiful array of music. Yesterday we made soap five types to be exact which was basically a bit over 260 to be exact. A lot of the ones everyone has been asking for. Since we were on the third floor (it rained all day and I mean sideways rain and hard rains) so we worked inside as much as we could although life goes on outside too despite rain. All the animals need care no matter what type of day it is. While I was waiting for the oils to cool and and the lye to cool down to mix the two I would paint layers. We even worked on a few roll ons, sugar scrubs, etc. Getting ready for the holiday shows of course. I had already got the background on this painting done last week so on Tuesday night I started on the girl. I used a stencil from Donna Downey (the stencil was is called sketch) and made her totally different than the stencil it was just a baseline. I quite enjoyed the process. The overlay was a transparency from 2007 from the company Fancy Pants which if you are a paper artist you will know that company. It just added to the colors so well. The stamp was a Dina Wakley stamp from the Ranger Homage to Frida. The stencil for the butterflies I got a Micheals a long time ago and it may be a Martha Stewart one, it's blue. One again the journey to this was amazing a I enjoyed the entire process, so whimsical and colorful. If you would like to see about the class go to Donna Downey's  you can see the class there. 

 as you can see how large the book is. It is a Moleskin A3 watercolor journal I bought from Amazon. I actually just bought another one recently.

You can see the ink and the butterflies here 

                                      More of this whimsical girl and the lovely overlay.

The stamp set is a Dina Wakley "homage to Frida" the Paint your truth and spill your story.

Wanted to show the shimmering of the inks 

more of the shimmers

The full of journal page if you would like to see any of the other classes I did you can go to each week to see them

Go to Donna Downey's for the class to JOIN

I could hardly believe I am at 17 weeks now.......its just amazing! I am so proud of myself and yet I have learned so much along the way and had I am encouraged to keep going which with my busy schedule and orders that have to go out. I MAKE TIME FOR IT!!! Its HARD but I should be inspiration for YOU to get your paintings done too!!! Trust me its worth it!!!

This is another journal I work in like a junk journal or a smash  journal its the place when you have extra paint or things you want to stash stuff or a remembrance. This was actual a mermaid card my mom sent me for a birthday card many years ago. I cut the grasses out with the Silhouette Cameo and the starfish is hand cut using paints and inks made this page. 

 Our new family member has come to live with us "JACK" the story is on my INSTAGRAM @stampmom9
Some of the upcoming shows 

This one is November 2 from like 9-5

This one is always fun too!!! 

We went to Ocean City MD last week a show and to see all my art buds at Art And Soul Retreat it was a very nice beach side room with the ocean roaring and a wonderful cool breeze.

I saw Eric Scott a famous Art Journalist and He signed his book for me

I had a blast and the book is great too!!!
You can order off of Amazon

My family all love snapchat which I am stampmom9 or Dawn Gallop if you want to join in on the fun
Crystal and Skylar having a blast

Skylar did her pumpkin and it looks so AWESOME
Love it!

Jack has settled in nicely this Friday will be a week and it seems like he has been forever now just fit right in.......gotta love it 

So we have been making soaps like crazy getting ready for the holiday shoppers and so many requests 

This is the face bar FINALLY MADE it has been the most requested all year and now those that have been waiting shall receive WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!! 

An ADORABLE Snapchat from Alexis I LOVE THEM and MISS them soooooo much!!! Even my boys keep saying I wish they could come back again. They had so much fun here, everyone did! 

On Monday we had a few deliveries to make and while out and about relinquishing supplies we stopped in Jerry's Artarama in Virginia Beach and low and behold LOOK who was there the AMAZING BOB ROSS!!!! I love it! 

Bruce got in on the fun too!!! I mean who didn't watch Bob......!!!! 

Have a great totally artful week and remember let me know if you are working on the same pages as I have not seen any of them but Donnas', I am not a facebook person so I DO NOT SEE the stuff you ask me about.....I can hardly make these post or even post to Instagram there is no time for much else, but I do get what I can done and I am very thankful for that!!!! So please tag me or send me a message. THANKS 

Cyber Hugs, 
Dawn Gallop



Friday, October 4, 2019

Week 15 of the 48 Weeks Donna Downey Journaling Workshop ~She Created A Life.~

Hello again as fall is here one can hardly tell when today it was 96 degrees and JUST plain HOT. Not very fall like at all. I was working over at the kitchen today I was thinking about all the cold days we have and how much that extreme cold is so painful to me. My fingers and toes just can't take it, I make HOT HAND sandwiches for my toes and fingers at the markets. Wear layer after layer and still I am COLD. Today however that cold was miles away and I was asking myself is it really this HOT and yet I LOVE the heat...but it just seems without the moisture that we normally have (we are in a mild drought) it just seems so much more hotter and more like a baking feeling. Yet I do believe that the heat is probably much more easily tolerated than the cold is, with heat ya sweat and that cools ya off a wee bit.....anywhoooo to the painting. THIS WEEKEND IS THE Newport News FALL FESTIVAL at the Newport News Park.  My pickles made the post. SO we have been super mega busy....Now I have been back in my studio it has been much easier to create, but since it is on our third floor of our is harder as it is not as convenient to just run out on the porch and slap a coat of paint on. So in between something whatever it is I am doing or we are doing, from goats, to chickens, to pickles, to cheese, to just life (you know mom stuff) I run back over to the house run to the third floor and slap a coat of paint on. I quite enjoyed this painting....I guess more my style as I love painting faces and watercolors. If you would like to learn more about this class go to Donna Downey 48 Weeks Online Workshop
 My journal is a large Moleskin 16 1/2" x 12" which is why I use the shoes in the pic to show how large it is. It has become my most favorite surface, it is strong and large enough to paint and draw on easily. It is amnestying A3 size if you would like to get a journal like this. The A3 Size Moleskin Journal
In the class Donna tells you how to paint and uses Kate Thompsons techniques in this one, I have several classes with Kate at Art and Soul Retreats and have greatly enjoyed them thoroughly. So far I have pretty much been lucky enough to have most of the supplies, I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.....when my girls lived here they would help me organize my supplies. Bruce now helps me with it and will even come look for them if I can't find what I am looking for. 

 She created a life. Yes I did!!! I found so many wonderful quotes on this a life 
                         The wings are so shiny with Stickles and of course such a great color.
she turned out so nice and like I said a joy to paint

                   I don't know if the pics can show it is but it has such nice texture and details
I really like this part, you can see the light and the power of the star, as it fades into the sometimes not so great times, to this beautiful soul working so hard and following her dreams and despite the days and moments of difficulties SHE remains Strong, Hopeful, and Radiant.
If you would like to check out some of the other weeks you can do so here 

Go to Donna Downey's site if you would like to JOIN

I made candles last night I will be taking them out of the molds today. We go and set up today in Newport News.
Just a day in the Life :o)

Dusty and me Friday on SnapChat 

More pickles YUM! We have all of our products ready Colten boxed soaps last night.

Colten boxing soap last night, behind him are the drying racks. We worked extra extra hard to get ready for this I have had lots of calls asking us if we are going to be there. Colten will be going to Smithfield Farmers Market tomorrow. However keep in mind he will only have one table and mostly eggs, pickles, and some soaps. A very limited selection. That way he doesn't have to drive the trailer with him. He will only have one tent too and will be in our usual spot. 
Come out to Newport News Fall Festival we are going to be located in the Country Store Section space 1 and 2.

Remember to stay POSITIVE, Happy, smiling, and kind. 

Dawn Gallop

Some of the videos from last year at Newport News Fall Festival 

A great place to be this weekend. 

Peace Out 

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