Thursday, April 4, 2019

A BIG Weekend Ahead of Us Lots of Pics

Hello and welcome it has already been a busy morning, I came into to drink my coffee and as always wanted to make a blog post......but honestly I have no time as I have so much to do tomorrow I have to set up for the Gloucester Daffodil Festival which is a HUGE event and so well put on, a lot to do for, crafts, art, games, learning......the list is endless not to mention BEAUTIFUL....the flowers speak for themselves. You can see some of my pics from last year HERE 
if you can make it out to the festival it is well worth it we are excited. 
The pic above is just the cutest.....Hippy and Miracle riding in the John Deere Gator to the pasture....they used to run right behind me or whomever was taking them but now they have discovered FRESH DEWEY SWEET GRASS awwww so yummy and tasty they just can't help themselves. They were riding up front but Bruce decided to put them in the back and away they went just perfectly fine. Hippy and Miracle were two born recently of seven right now that the moms never know why but it happens. One of the kids she kept but Hippy she said no he has been bottle fed since birth and he is doing just fine, we called him Hippy as he had this little tiny hip area which now is not a thing probably how he laid in utero. Miracle born to another doe we call her Peanut she rejected her....well I literally spent three days making her eat and Bruce told me.....she will be a Miracle if she makes it....I never gave up.....and now look.... an adorable little girl goat named Miracle with a heart of gold and runs to us the minute you call her name. Runs as fast as she can. 
Riding away now "momma stay behind us jic" 

Peach habanero jam I made yesterday along with regular peach jam so I will have lots of that this weekend 

Peach Habanero Jam 

This is a queen cell that the queen larvae is inside you can see it I also made a video for you to be able to hear the bees and see them flying around 

 bee larvae 

more pics of the bees look at those worker bees go 

THIS WEEKEND FROM 9-3 at Hickory High School Colby and I will be there along with many many other vendors It is a great show with a tremendous amount of wonderful things to buy....and a lot of my art buddies will be there with their goodies 

This is this Saturday and Sunday Bruce and Colten will be here you can see more of my pics from last year HERE  or go to their site for more info 

Of course I got ya covered with pickles 

Pickles from #9 Farms 

More pickles 

These are the habanero pickles 

I will have eggs too 

These are some of the eggs I collected one afternoon in my new basket from my friend Aylene.....THANK YOU Aylene its perfect 
strawberry jam in my 15qt. copper pot 

strawberry jam 

strawberry jam you can see more pics here of strawberries at #9 Farms 

Every week we meal plan with the help of Colby as he sets what the "boys" want to eat...and of course spaghetti around here is a huge favorite. 

This was my meal chickpea pasta, Tuscan spicy tomato sauce and Tuscan organic kale ......can I get a totally to the MAX YUM Factor .....FABULOUS 

Me making jam on my new gas stove which is like a REALLY BIG DEAL HERE as I have wanted this gas stove my whole married life and finally its is production....have not baked in it yet but that's coming 

You can see how awesome it is it was very expensive and HEAVY to put in but so worth it!! 

I am so VERY VERY VERY HAPPY to have it and my sweet apron from my granddaughters Samantha, Dakota, and Clarrisa 

Some of the plants from the greenhouse this is the pumpkin on a stick which is actually an eggplant 

more pics of the greenhouse I have a video on all my plants 

some of my pepper plants all grown from seeds 

the tomato plants all grown from seeds 

wanted to share my new hat my friend Angela Cartwright she comes to a lot of the shows I am at.   She knits amazing works of art makes her own patterns and everything. This is my new shirt handmade by Stitches by Julia on Etsy. I can't wait to wear this Saturday to show Angela.....she walked over and handed it to me and said this is for you. I LOVE IT! Its adorable in the new spring colors coral and so very soft. The shirt is amazing too...keeps me warm. 
HOPE you guys have a great week, and weekend and if your in the area stop by the shows....Hickory High School and/or Daffodil Festival. 
Dawn Gallop 


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