Friday, May 31, 2019

Dare Days Tomorrow June 1, 2019 and The Hat from Ghana

Hello and certainly A HUGE HELLO to SUMMER! Just wanted to let everyone know we will be at the Dare Days in Manteo North Carolina tomorrow from 9-6pm it is a rain or shine show. However not in lets hope no thunderstorms. Colten will be at the Virginia Beach Shore drive market.  He has never been there but they have asked us to come for weeks now so I thought he could go try it. We are NOT going to be at Smithfield tomorrow. I can't wait to get back to Smithfield I have missed everyone so much. I have seen some of our market family at other events, so that is always nice like a little family visit. Its after nine now just sat down to get this blog written....I always have big plans to get the posts made and tell ya the stories of the day....but I have been painting and making jewelry at night or reading my books. I do that  from 12-1am then up at 4:30am but I seriously need that creative artistic outlet. It is mostly around 11 fish we are coming back from the USDA the dark (because for some reason Colten forgets we are still over there and tuns all the lights off) I call him to remind him Hey bud we are coming back can ya turn the lights on please.  Remember we are in the country so no street lights a 1/2 mile off the road and if your lucky you have the moon and stars. 
Now let me tell ya about the hat well its a great little story I was at the Chesapeake Jubilee for a show which was soooo HOT and sunny you felt like an egg on a top of scorching car hood in July. This is no joke and we are beyond used to the heat.....we were at the end with full sun all day DIRECT beating down since it was on the side. I couldn't have product on that side at all....needless to say you get the idea. I only paid for one space so one table. Well no one else was on the spots not behind us either they must of complained IDK. Well we it was time to pack up the lady I had been talking to during the show from Washington DC says to me "I want to give you this hat for your farm, it is from Ghana", well I was like really......I was so thankful and really have been enjoying the hat...I gave her a large jar of honey for her and hubby and young son to enjoy. What a Wonderful gift. I felt so special and so thankful she thought of me and reached out to me. Thanks so much to my new friend from DC. Perfect hat for the farm for sure! 

The goats loved the hat....these are some of our Oberhasli goats 

She's giving me love 
Sweet goat 

Mmmmm Daisy says if ya don't have a snack to share I'm not even coming over

Oh Daisy says you do have a snack on your head....they have been so fascinated by the hat. 

Well if your not going to let me have some I don't want to talk...

Yep this thermometer is on my back porch in the shade not even in the sun and look and for goodness its only May.......June 1 is tomorrow. 

When we went to the vintage market this is what I bought and then got the flowers from Lowe's its been so beautiful on my back porch. 

Every Sunday if we don't have a show I make pancakes or french toast well this weekend Dusty requested the chocolate chip pancakes....DONE! My son in law Garrett says my pancakes fall from now that's what everyone says. I have been picking blueberries off my bushes and omg they are so very sweet and delicious......jam? 
You can see the post here about the blueberries  I no longer use the Bisquick I just make them from scratch but at the time when the five you're boys were much littler it was easier on me. 

All we use is cast iron and so this is the griddle...we use NO Teflon at all we don't even have cookers with it. I completely eliminated everything we had with after watching this documentary 
We only use stainless steel and cast iron (which we have had the cast iron for many years now) and I have had stainless steel forever like my Paul Revere set I got for my wedding. I still have them....LOL! A great set! 

Pickles are all ready.....its official I actually have all kinds right now....YAY! 
Remember tomorrow we are Dare Days from 9-6pm....
we picked up Dustys glasses today and he looks AWESOME!!!! 

He looks so good, am I right! 


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