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Happenings At #9 Farms and The Daffodil Festival

Hello again, here it is May 14, 2019 and I am just getting this post finished up. It is 10:07 pm we are still over here at the inspected kitchen with all the boys putting labels on the jars while I finished up printing them, the song Mr. Blue Sky is playing by ELO and the boys are complaining as Bruce explains to them that this a very big weekend. Colten will be at The Chesapeake Jubilee and we will be at the Outer Banks Baum Center for the Master Gardener Show (which this makes five years we have been vendors there) wow does time fly! Before that we came and shopped every year for many years. Some of the same exact vendors have been there for as long as I can remember. We look forward to every May....IT IS ALWAYS THE THIRD WEEKEND IN MAY. If you are in the Outer banks area this coming weekend it is well worth a visit. As I continue to type it is now another night, my daughter Amanda has been working on a site for us. 
We made another delivery today and Colby cooked his famous hot wings.....while I planted and dug holes and hoed in the fields until I had blisters bleeding on my hands. Now onto the post on what was started right after the Daffodil Festival.....
Which we had an amazing always we love seeing our  market families and visiting with new artist and other vendors. The Gloucester Daffodil festival is one festival you want to come always an well planned event, so many helpers, and a wonderful parade with a huge crowd of great folks.  

When we arrived at the Daffodil Festival for setup Friday night our time is always the same and we are thankful for a Friday night set up. We drive back and forth each day and night which is very hard....we get up at 3:30am to do the chores and Colten of course is here at the house or things do get done. When we get back we just have to go behind everything to make sure everything was done. It was cold and rainy when we arrived to the quite beautiful historic town of Gloucester. There were a few vendors setting up but other than that not many where we were. We set up everything as best as we could despite the falling rain and possibility of wind storms. Tents extra weighted and tables out......we headed to the Chik-fil-a by the Walmart in Gloucester and then the Little Caesars pizza for the boys. The drive home is approximately 2:45 minutes or can be longer depending on the Coleman Bridge. 

As you can see the town is decorated and so quaint. 
We actually arrived early Sunday morning the sun was shinning and the alpacas were coming in for the festival for the day. 

Daffodils line the streets. 

The package information

This is my buddy Joel whom we met about a year in half ago at one of the high school shows an his a wood worker. He makes amazing pieces of art out of wood. Inlaid cutting boards which I am proud to own......well he told Bruce at one of early spring shows he was making me something...

This beautiful ink pen what an amazing piece of art to own. 

I couldn't believe it, it made me cry to think someone made this for me.... I couldn't believe it!!  But it is so true I use it every day at my table.....and don't even touch it! What a beautiful inlaid wooden pen. 

Now tell me PLEASE isn't this most cutest little house? The true tiny home. 

The moss...….  oh my the texture oh my goodness I love it! More lovely daffodils. 

See the water drops on the daffodil. 

more just cant get enough the beauty is astounding and in so many colors...…
So Sunday morning as we are parking we start talking with this lady whom I hope to see again she was from Kentucky...…. I fell in love with the turtle....and guess what she gave it to me...I was getting ready to buy it and she is like no take it.... I was like no way.....I am a HUGE turtle fan. We actually have a turtle we have had now for more than 13 years.....His name is so difficult Mr. Turtle LOL!!!
It is a red eared slider we got in Florida on the side of the road. When I saw the van I was like STOP.... we were driving our 15 passenger van and mind you this was 2006 we had six kids in the van and we all got out …..we left with Mr. Turtle and this tiny now he is in a very large fish tank. 
Here is the card from where the turtle came from a very talented artist Sculptures By Jay

More lovely Daffodils 

The grass is amazing and the shape of the tree 

I love trees always love to paint them and take pics of them 

Perfect tree to I right? 

Always fascinated by the structures and the age of them 

the walkway into the center of the town. I was not there Saturday as I was at a show before the date was actually made or posted so I had to go and missed the pics of the parade, etc.  but you can view them 
HERE and 
So you can see other pics of the Daffodil Festival from the past. 

I love that their bookmobile has daffodils on it....adorable.
A funny joke...Dusty was just in the spelling bee and one of his words was "bookmobile" he said WHAT???? 
I repeated it...
Let me see the paper (this is when I was going over the words) I showed him as I was laughing I used it in a sentence. I explained that when I was a kid we had bookmobiles in the city. Here in the country I haven't seen one but I could be wrong.....I used to LOVE going on the bus and check out books and just pour my afternoon away in those books when I was a child. It was always so exciting when it was bookmobile day.  

The sign that greets you upon arrival. 

I hope I didn't bore ya too much.....but I did want to make this post anyway since my life is so busy there is no time for sit down computer work. All of us work so hard here at Leaf Love Soaps and #9 farms....PLEASE forgive me.....

Friday 5-10pm 
Saturday 10-10pm
Sunday 12-6pm 

and I will be at the 17th Annual Coastal Gardening Festival at the Baum Center 
that is Saturday from 9-2:30pm 

Hope to see you soon....
Thanks for stopping by....
Until Next time 
Have a Good One!!
Dawn Gallop  

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