Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Week 5 of the Class taught by Donna Downey’s 48 weeks journaling class ~Moonlight Night in the Fields~

           Hello everyone and Happy Sunday, we had a very long day yesterday at Dare Days but a wonderful one. We left the house at 4 am with some of the morning chores done before we left. Going to bed at 11 ish since we wanted to get to bed early. I fell asleep instantly as we worked hard to get ready before the big day putting even extra long hours to prepare for Dare Days. Since this was our fifth year there we knew what our customers wanted and tried to be prepared for the requests they had. However I didn’t meet them all. I didn’t get the Deodorant’s done, the among other items. Since I have been making some of these products since 2003 and selling my soaps in the early years as Eure Station Soaps as we lived in Eure from 1994-2008 and sold our old land in 2012. It is always nice to get the regular items made but sometimes I just don’t get them done since there is so many duties to complete.

             Yesterday was an awesome day! Well let me tell you about the morning at the Dare Days..... we are not rookies by NO means for the outdoors and when it comes to a vendor yeah we got that covered knowing the do’s and don’t s for the outside vendor book for dummies yep thumbs up I read the book and got the t-shirt damnit! Well yesterday was a challenge I mean pushing me into a severe anxiety Attack. The wind was so fierce that we immediately had to take down the tents. The wind gusts were well in the 30’s if not more,  it poured down raining and we were at the end between two buildings which created a wind tunnel. Customers would even stop and say “ wow you guys won’t get hot it’s like a fan here “. Your hair would literally blow straight out (as the wind tunnel came for the water and behind us) my hat blew off so did others walking by, I saw a many a fold chasing their hats down the street. We threw tarps on all the tables product was safe we stood there holding down racks and helping others. Rain was coming by the buckets so much it filled the tops of tents in no time. When we took the tents down we had to get a policeman to help hold the tent for safety reasons so that we could take the weights off to close it up. One of my favorite jewelry friends she just packed up we helped the best we could while trying to keep our fort under control. Bruce cleared our wagon out so she could use it to take her things to her car. I pulled the wagon to her car and felt so bad for her and was to the point....... I GIVE UP! I just kept saying “you can do this” chant so I could remind myself I needed to be here and I know my customers wanted to see us. Despite the extreme conditions of the morning, the sun shone and all was saved. The anxiety attack eased off and some of the regular customers started showing up and all was forgotten of the morning harsh weather adventures. I thought of my jewelry friend and was so sorry she had to depart and miss all folks buying her amazing jewelry pieces. Plus she got a new laser machine and was so excited to share her new pieces she created. I am hoping her next show makes up for this total washout. One of my other buddies even brought me back one of my soap savers that was floating down the street in the downpour.

                Now talking about the painting....... lol 😂 the reason for post. I just had to tell ya about that new undertaking. Well in 2014 I bought this class, something keeps telling me I bought it as a Christmas present but honestly I can’t remember exactly what or if I did or just a self indulgence. Any-who I bought it and got the Moleskin which was not exactly the same size others had bought, and the certainly doesn't matter what you use. I am guessing apparently I couldn’t get the big Moleskin but I did get the big landscape one. Which I now adore. It was a perfect choice. Well the last time I worked on the 48 weeks journal was technically last year but not on the 48 weeks. I did a watercolor on two pages. I don’t know how far this book will go but luckily they still sell them. I can’t tell you how much I loved this painting that it’s certainly one of my favorites.

If you would like to know how it was created you will need to join Donna Downey in the class at 48 weeks class
I have enjoyed all the classes so far I have completed 

The tree painting is by far my favorite 

note the texture......which I love! 

Sophia was so interested in getting here nose into everything I do, my right had doggie!!! 

loving the high grass 

The minute I finished I SnapChat "d it 

The whole painting I am in love with.....thanks to Donna for sharing so much and making us all feel like we are sitting/standing right in the studio with ya!!
Love that old book print 
I wish I was laying under the tree now 

If you would like to see more of the paintings from the rest of my book up to Week 5 
go here

I will be bringing week 6 soon so please stay tuned. I am now up to week 8 on my class.....YAY!!! 

Have a great week. We will be at the Tiny House Festival this weekend in the OuterBanks with all our goodies. 
Colten will be at Smithfield Virginia 

Happy Creating, 
Dawn Gallop

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