Thursday, June 6, 2019

Week 6 of Donna Downey's 48 Weeks Painting Class ~Down at the Poppy Fields~

        Hello again and can you hardly believe so quick for me to make a new blog post??? I mean like WOW.....I am so n a roll....however it will soon be tomato season which they will just all about be ready all the same to the looks of it. The tomatoes are doing wonderful and we just received
a lot of rain.....SO YEAH THANKFUL!!! I have been picking okra, onions, three cherry tomatoes, squash, Swiss chard, and green peppers galore, sweet banana peppers, and the malabar spinach, Despite the dry times we actually have a successful start this year.  It is 11:41 pm and as I type this Skylar is laying beside me sleeping so soundly with the faint sounds of snoring. Bruce is sleeping and the dogs are beside me curled up for the night. All the boys are sleeping soundly awaiting yet only two days until the end of this school year. Since I suffer from severe back pain, I have had to stop and rest a bit here lately from all the laborious work. Well after many years have gone by I decided to return to my class I purchased in what I believe to be December of 2013. Here it is 2019, so Don't ya think its time to finish the class???? Yep I agree. So here I am finished up Week 6 of the 48 weeks by Donna Downey you can see the class here......48 Weeks I have certainly enjoyed myself. Donna makes you feel like you are right there in her studio and you just paint!!!! No worries of the blank page, just paint! I had never actually painted a poppy before until this class.....I just like to plant them, photograph them, and visually enjoy them....well now its paint them.  Jewelee wouldn't move out of the picture so you see her feet and belly.
The colors #love 

Enjoyed the whole process 
                                                    so much texture and depth the piece

Reminds me of our poppies in the fields of wildflowers 

Can't you just see them dancing in the gentle breeze

the sun shining on them 

the honeybees flowing by ever so gracefully and carrying pollen on their legs 

more texture 

Today one of dear customers whom has been coming and buying from us since the beginning days of the farmers market. He worked night shift and would stop by after work. Well since then he no longer at the job and is not able to stop by the farmers market anymore so he just comes to the farm to get his honey, pickles, goat cheese, soaps, salves, eggs, chickens, pretty much something of everything I make plus he gets thing for his family. He is an older gentleman and tells us of the stories of his grandma and grandpa and how they farmed and made things. His mom is 94 and still cooking pies and cakes but lives in Florida so he doesn't get to enjoy the sweets of her baking. I used to make him all the recipes he requested but these days I am not baking as much just mostly for my own family now. One can only do so much and with all we have going on baking is not one of the many things I did in my past. Well I better go to so I can get up early and begin the day with milking goats....which Skylar says she is doing tomorrow.....haha she will be still asleep.

go here

This weekend Colten will be at Smithfield and we will be at The Tiny House Festival in the OBX. I am excited a tiny house festival can I hear a YES!!!  I can't wait to look around in them....

Have a great rest of the week and if I don't make it back to blog again before the weekend have a good weekend.

                                                                             Dawn Gallop

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