Friday, June 7, 2019

Week 7 of Donna Downey's 48 Weeks Painting Class ~ Be Who You Are No Matter What Others Think~

              Hello and a BIG GOOD-MORNING here from North Carolina. We have finally been getting rain and it has been a beautiful thing, the tomatoes are really filling out and the squash are growing. Everything is looking terrific. It is a humid 71 degrees this morning as we had rain and winds last night. Dusty's graduation is today from the 5th grade......6TH GRADE HERE HE COMES! Can you hardly believe it??? He will be 11 this July and for all my Cricut buddies from when we were all on the message boards back then in 2006 on up until they opened the craft room platform.....I left although we have all remained friends since then on Facebook, they have seen him and Cooper grow up. So last night around 6ish we left for the Chesapeake Square Mall so Dusty could go and get new graduation shoes and clothes. He also needed glasses for his future because its so BRIGHT!

              Here  it is now I am back to typing this post it was quite the exciting day with the graduation and Skylar being here for the event. Dusty even got invited to a graduation pool party tonight, which when I got there it was so nice they had pizza, the cutest graduation cupcakes with little grad hats, chips and drinks all the super yummy party foods. It rained and rained off and on today and tonight....the tiny house festival is tomorrow from 9-5 and 10-6 on Sunday and Colten will be at Smithfield. I shipped out orders of soaps and packaged up several orders for pick up tomorrow. Skylar and I collected the eggs in the rain, it was pouring and when we were finished she said " I don't like that" hahaha it was messy, rain water running everywhere and so much mud and clay.....just too darn untidy for a Princess.

              Now on to the painting this one and the tree from week 5 have to be my most favorite so far. Week 8 is finished too now! On a takes days even a week or more to complete for me. I have to do each step in baby steps. Get a bit done do the chores, when I come in for lunch I do another quick step, etc., it has been a wonderful amazing process.
look finally I got a pic without a doggie photo-bombing the!!!!! 

the depth of color and layers.......


She is so beautiful, as this page I have named "Be who you are no matter what others think about you" #enoughsaid 

So much color it just makes me so happy looking at this painting. I so quite enjoyed the entire lesson.

This really has to be my favorite I tell you I can't stop looking at this one. Check Donna Downey out she is absolutely so much fun and inspiration for all of us. 

If you would like to see the rest of the paintings from the other weeks and lessons

Go here

I now am going to close for the night, 3:30 am comes really early and we have to be ready and set up in the OBX by around 8:30 and we are two hours away. 

Enjoy your weekend to the fullest!!!!! 
Remember BE YOU!!! 
Cyber Hugs,
Dawn Gallop 

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