Sunday, June 16, 2019

Week 8 of Donna Downey's 48 Weeks Journaling Workshop ~I AM MORE~

        Hello again here is week 8 of 48 Weeks Workshop class with Donna Downey now this one I must of been inspired with a lot at the beginning of the class as I had already did this week sometimes around the third week or so as it is the third full layout in my journal see below the first version I did of this lesson. Since it was a graffiti theme. Dream is what I call her. I have started working on week 9 however I am struggling with inspiration or in a slump or something. 

IDK why I choose those numbers but I did and they are down now. 

You can see how large this journal is. I had fun making this one too. There is something so satisfying of splatters.

This is a stamp by Donna Downey and it is so true.....which I thought was so appropriate for a this journal page. 

You can really see the texture and the depth 

The bird is my favorite 

This is dream....well when I was a little girl there was a lady I used to talk to all the time whose name was Dreama and there is something about this journal page that reminds me of her...sometimes when your painting your feelings things just trigger memories. 

Dreama was certainly an original. 

While this number is unknown for why I used these particular ones 

                                                             More texture and layers
those eyes 

love the colors 

again more satisfying 

Just a quick post for this weekend ends, its been a great weekend with the celebration of fathers day. 
Although my father is no longer with us there isn't a day that he isn't missed, a day that something or a reminder of him triggers a memory, I see him in my children, and here his voice while doing my work as to something he taught me. A father takes a special man and one that is missed. 

A special remembrance to him today I played songs that he played while I was a little girl.

Happy Fathers Day to everyone

If you would like to see

see the rest of the weeks here 

Stay tuned for Week 9 I will try to get it done asap 
Enjoy your week....
Dawn Gallop


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