Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Week 14 of Donna Downey's 48 Weeks Journal Workshop ~There's Always Hope~

Hello once again beautiful people, I am so very happy to be on my game here to be posting something earlier than usual. It sometimes a month can go by and I still haven't made a post. It's not that I don't have anything to share, just being busy and life can make it a wee bit difficult to make an actual blog post. I even have YouTube Videos to post and have not had to time actually put the videos together....I know YOU get it right!!! I never in my life thought one could be so busy even with having nine children, then it is now running a farm. It's good hard work no doubt and I love all my animals or should I say "my babies" as Bruce tells me. It is just so much to do always and so much to take care that's why I am like impressed I have actually made this post earlier than the usual. 
I am calling this one There is Always Hope, as you can see on the timeline (so it is similar to one) this beautiful bird with "bling" is coming down and so called the paint is getting brighter behind it as this bird has brought back a newness to something. Whether it be this or that SOMETHING that is going on in your life right now may need just a tiny smidgen of hope, this painting sure reminds me of that. It has really spoke to me....a very emotional feeling or thought has come from within...when I watched Donna make this one on a video it was several weeks before I actually got to work on it. I had wrote it down the process and while it was on paper even before we went to Wisconsin which was August 17, so here it is Sunday September 15, 2019 and on Friday once everything was ready for the market and I had all the orders ready. I went up to my craft room which now since the Hurricane Dorian I moved all my stuff back upstairs for the winter weather that will be here in our busiest time of the year so no better time than to get it before the first frost comes. I put down all the ephemera that was in my stash in a fast movement, since I was back in my studio it was easy to find stuff quickly. I was not thinking or being selective I just started laying it down with gel medium. Letting the art speak for itself, using stuff all around me in my studio. When I was done, I looked at noting several things, I picked a July calendar (which is Tim Holtz), I picked a 9. I have a July birthday, I have nine children. The tag says WiSC FARM. We have a farm and some of our family are in Wisconsin. The little girl who is in the dress has blonde hair. So many elements that spoke to me. 
If you would like to check out the class go Donna Downey's Website 48 weeks 

 This journal page was like going "old Skool" for me almost like being a scrapbook page it was nice and felt good.

 the calendar, the license plate, the number, the washi tape, the bird and the girl are all Tim Holtz
                                                    The tea tag "be heard" from my tea tag
the bird I believe is Prima 

crackle paints 

the washi tape 

the paper with the key paper is Bo Bunny 

The textures, the colors, as always had a blast making this 

the crackle paint has always been one of my favorite elements 

If you would like to check out some of the other weeks you can do so here 

The power was out during the Hurricane Dorian and we used some of beeswax candles which is always nice to have on hand. 

 Bruce and I have been working non stop as hard as we can go to get more and more done. This was the hemp patchouli soap a five pound and a fifteen pound block after it came out of the mold. Then Bruce cuts them all.
He they are drying on the rack 

                                                         some of the owl drying
Every night when I finally sit down I start making bracelets for the market I have goals to get so many done a night to be ready for Newport News Fall Festival 

Texas Roadhouse on Sunday where we met with my wonderful art group and had lunch. The ladies that were involved in the art swap round robin traded their dolls back after a year of round robin it. 

From the tea cup "Be Heard" 

Terry, me and Lynn 

Terry and I 

sweet Sharron made us all the beautiful slap bracelets which I absolutely love!!!  couldn't stop looking at it. THANKS SO MUCH SHARRON!!! 
We have been so busy making all the pickles still have a few more to batches to get done before the NNWS festival and I should be able to, hopefully. Yesterday Bruce and I canned 63 quarts and 1 pint jars of pickles, from the Grandmas Sweet, Grandmas Sweet and Spicy, I did two batches of bread and butter pickles, and a ghost pickle (for all my HOT loving HEAT Seekers out there) those ghost pickles aren't for me by no means however Colby and Bruce will eat them. 

the sweet and spicy ones as all didn't fit on the table 

Last night we went back to our pottery class which was so nice...its at the Pocosin Arts in Columbia NC which we love going there. Bruce hadn't been not he wheel in a year gets right on and throws this perfect little bowl. I glazed a bunch of pieces last night. Enjoyed seeing our friends and talking with everyone. When you work all the time together its always nice to have a night that isn't work related. 

Well better close for now hope you have a great rest of the it is HUMP Day!!!! 

Saturday we will be at SMITHFIELD FARMERS MARKET from 9-12 in the usual spot
hope to see ya soon. 

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