Friday, March 15, 2019

The Craftastic Retreat and Where we are Going to Be this Weekend

Bruce and I will be at Indian River tomorrow its a really big craft show and there is a over 130 vendors at the show. 

Colten will be here tomorrow which I know Colten is super excited.........not really but he will be there. We go here every year right before Mother's Day for a show for the children to provide gifts for their Moms and family members. 

Just wanted to share some the fun that was had at the Craftastic Fabric and Crafts Retreat the first weekend in March. Everyone works at their own pace and enjoy the ocean view. Everything is convenient with foods, coffee, and a facility.  

These were the tags I made for the swap below is the video on how I made them you can watch on YouTube

My boys had a blast and enjoyed the adventures in the pool 

We like never get to watch TV and we watched several movies while there mostly what the boys wanted to watch which was so much fun we laughed and laughed....This was Dumb and Dumber great memories from watching with my older kids

This is next weeks show at Great Bridge Craft Show 

One of our ducks says Bye for now.........

Here are some of the YouTube Videos from this week....I hope you can watch them

The newly remodeled chicken coop 

Drying flowers in a Microwave using the Microfleur 

Some of the flowers I dried in the microwave in the Microfleur 

Seedlings update and planting transplants of the tomatoes 

Using the XX-L Drying Rack from PENNSYLVANIA WOODWORKS 

we now have seven kid goats which are adorable and so much fun to watch and play with 

Sauna review using the Dynamic Saunas 

The bees leave to go and pollinate blueberries 

Dehydrating Peeps 

This is what the Peeps looked like dehydrated 

This picture is more than 6 years old however I shared it for a #TBT around that time. Dusty is only about 9 months old here and he's going to be 11 this year. With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner....well like Sunday...I wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY ST.  PATRICK'S DAY  

A quick update I was able to go to the dentist on Wednesday and was there from 9:30 am to almost 4pm which I know sounds like forever but I had another tooth extracted, a porcelain crown made and placed, and removal on the first lower quadrant of the mercury amalgams. My dentist is amazing I never had any pain afterward and didn't need to take any Motrin or no antibiotics. She uses Ozone therapy which helps with infections, viruses, bacteria and all around healing. I am still amazed at how it is Friday and I haven't even felt like I had an extraction. Still eating soft foods but that's all good too. I am hoping once all this amalgams are out my central nervous system can start to heal and recover from the trauma and the Brain fog. 

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