Friday, May 24, 2019

Poppies In Full Bloom Here at #9 Farms

Hello everyone I wanted to make a quick post tonight before the market tomorrow. Its been so hot and dry here the poor corn looks like brown two foot tall dried is really scary..... I have a serious headache tonight. The kitchen while canning gets sooooo HOT its insane.... plus with the gas stove....the sauna has nothing on that. My poppies have really enjoyed the dry heat and have really out shined themselves this year. The whole wildflower field is loaded with them.

I have been seriously out of the loop this week....its just TOO BUSY for me to even do anything....I keep telling Bruce this is too much for me. Everyone thinks I am some kinda superwomen when all I am is totally EXHAUSTED. Do not get me wrong I enjoy the things I do I just need help....but anyway for those who have been thinking I am ignoring them of just plain Mia... I am just working around the clock with doing the best I can to keep up with demands.

Skylar graduated from Kindergarten. Dusty is having to get glasses. Many cases of the Mead is ready for us to pick up...we will be seeing John tomorrow for the pickup...excited about that too! The Magnolia Market starts on Tuesdays in downtown Manteo this coming Tuesday May 28.

Wanted to make this short....
Tomorrow we will be at Smithfield Farmers Market from 9-12
and Bruce will be at the Women's Club in the OBX at the Thomas Baum Center from 9-4.

I made a
YouTube video today so forgive me for the delays in posting things...I really have not even had the time to take pics....I made several jams this week too.....YUM! a

Have a great weekend and with the start of summer the HEAT we have been having is a sure sign the summer will be a HOT one!
Take Care,
Dawn Gallop
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