Monday, June 10, 2019

OBX Tiny House Festival

Hello everyone and welcome this weekend we were at the Tiny Home Festival in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It was a great event, lots of great tiny homes, ideas, stories, awesome folks and lots of fun. The weather was questionable one minute it was sunny, one minute it was looking like a downpour.....however no rain and it was actually cool and not extremely humid and hot....yay!!! No matter what the weather was or was going to be folks came out and waited in lines to visit the insides of the tiny homes. Bruce, Skylar and I went early that morning basically before it technically started so we could catch a glimpse inside the tiny homes. So well worth it....they are fabulous. It gives a new meaning to downsizing and living tiny.  I just wonder If we could do this? I have so many art supplies and books......heart strings mmmmm idk if that Is so easy to give up to downsize.  Tomorrow we will not be at Manteo for the market as someone else the Bird Guy will be taking my place, Victor and Ellen. 

This Road Gypsy was absolutely Skylar's favorite tiny home. I must say I was quite passionate about it too. 
See the YouTube video I made with Jessie about the Road Gypsy 

                        This Road Gypsy is so adorable and has everything you need to camp or live.
The backside of the Road Gypsy 

How fun was this who doesn't love a chalkboard and chalk....?? 

This gives details how much it cost if they build it and how many hours are in the build 
This was a van 

out the back of the van

the side of the van with the wood stove. 

The chapel which is where you can get married 

This is a lovely art piece the preacher commissioned an artist from Tampa....I just loved it1 

one of the windows in the tiny chapel 

a loft 

this one was awesome too 

a fireplace what!!!  YES!!! 

art work over the tub 


they are all fixed up so nice 

they all had really uniqueness to each and everyone of them 

Too cute 

I certainly did enjoy the buses 

the buses were defiantly something we could do 

You can see the lines here 

The owner of the bus and a beekeeper too

inside the bus 

so cozy and very creative use of space 

The penny table was a conversation piece for sure 

these units were a bit fancy for my blood 

although many didn't find the smaller ones or the buses as cozy and comfy as I did, that's why it is so great to have many choices in the tiny home.....SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE 

this was first thing so the lines weren't as bad as later but still not that bad to wait 

this was the art studio Painted Buffalo where she is doing arts for vets 

this is the daughter Skylar Raee of the Painted Buffalo owner {her mom} (for lack of knowing her exact name) it was a great day had by all. 

There were many speakers there and this was Brenda Mason who is an expert on downsizing and now living in a tiny bus of 310 square feet she has been on many shows like Rachel Ray and offers great ideas and suggestions in her book and an online class. I was able to talk with her about some my concerns and she had solutions. Please do check her into her book it is offered at Amazon and other book retailers in stores and online. 

Thanks for looking and please don't forget to see the YouTube video above. Today we have been busy and as I type this Bruce is actually cutting more cucumbers to make more pickles. 

I am so ready to actually rest as my back pain has been excruciating to the point of going to the ER for relief of something but I know that will create a bill and I already have to work so hard. I couldn't even make it Sunday to the Tiny Home event when It was two day vendor event. I just couldn't go my back pain was so intense I laid on ice and finally around two we went to Jr.s for Dakotas 4th birthday. Which as always we are always working so it was nice to be able to attend. Sometimes things just work out like that. Until next time.....
Stay Tiny....
Dawn Gallop

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