Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Week 9 of Donna Downey's 48 Weeks Journaling Workshop ~Strength from Within~

        Hello again and today I am so happy I actually got to finish this one.....it had been on hold basically since my last post, I struggled with it a bit and for some reason was stuck on what I wanted to do. My journal is totally different and for some reason I couldn't get flowers to look right in this layout........DON'T ask me why and please don't even question why?? It just wasn't working for me...the inspiration in the class was amazing...no doubt! After the first attempt of flowers I decided to forgo the them and do the elephants and the lotus.....oh my was I glad I did. I tell you this picture doesn't do the paintings justice. It just glows and you can feel the energy.

You can see the workshop by going to Donna Downey's Website 48 weeks

The texture pops and the colors continue to show through. 

I am so glad I continued to follow my heart on this 

The elephant stencil I used was the Donna Downey elephant stencil 

I just recently rode an elephant with my granddaughter Aubrey and it was such a wonderful experience and I am so glad I got to spend the day with my family. 

At the Two Tails Ranch in Florida where we rode the elephants I learned so much about them it was really worth the visit and the owner of the ranch she was highly educated and had a lifetime of elephant experience as the elephant ranch has been in their family for nine generations. 

The lotus stencil is a stencil by Julie Fei Fan Balzer Balzer Designs 

I can hardly believe I am getting ready to start week 10 now from a class from 2014. I am so excited to finally get this far.....I am always having to work to run our farm and painting and crafting aren't much in the time allotment. However everyone needs a break and when I can I love to paint.....mostly everything I do I have to make things for others and I love doing that, but when I get to do these classes they are just for me.....I was so happy to get to bring this painting to share and finish it today.....I know you know that feeling! 

I do all these paintings on my back porch and if you haven't seen my video on the porch check it out...

The painted bee box won third place this year

I had just came in from the fields when I took the pic wearing boots on the farm with the goats, bees, chickens, plants, garden.....you wear whatever socks you can put on. The dogs didn't want to be on the porch as it was too hot for them...and no rain....my plants on the porch are doing great. I have been sick like summer cold which is like unheard of us getting sick...at first I thought it was an allergy but I have a cough too. Looks like no kitchen work for me.....oh darn! IDK where it came from I guess all the work has got me weak and my body was screaming REST! We have also been cleaning up the house as Bruce has read the book I spoke of in the tiny house blog post....Book you can read about it. 
If you would like to see the other weeks in the 48 weeks class go to each link below. 

This is the place I talked about that perhaps inspired me on the paints it is Two Tails Ranch which if you are in Florida or planning a trip it is a must see adventure. We all had blast and enjoyed all of it. Patricia the owner does an amazing job! 

My granddaughter Aubrey enjoyed every minute of it!!!! Such a great day for part of her  3rd birthday celebration. 

These elephants really are absolutely amazing marvelous animals. 

You can see she had a blast 

Skylar and Dusty had fun and got to ride together 
Beautiful and so smart we got to see the elephant paint and even get a bath at the end. 
Super fun day! 
Tomorrow is Bruces birthday he will be 53 years old....oh my has time flown by....
Happy Birthday Bruce! 

Hope you have a great week....I will start on Week 10 by painting the gesso on while drinking my coffee after the goats and feeding all the animals in the morning. 

Saturday we will be at Smithfield Farmers Market from 9-12 

Hugs to all, 
Dawn Gallop


A day in the bee yard 

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