Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Week 10 of Donna Downey's 48 Weeks Journal Workshop ~Dream with your Heart~

          Hello everyone I have been on a roll lately. Living in the fast lane.....working hard and with living on a farm in the summer I sworny LIFE couldn't be busier. What happened to free easy going summers of childhood.....stay up late catch fireflies or "lighting bugs" as I called them to sleeping in late having your friends waiting on your grandmas couch for me to get up so we could play outside all day....drink in the water-hose and wait for the ice cream man or the "fruit man" to come by in their trucks??? Yeah that was the carefree summers.....and of course making papier mache animals. Yep and listening to my aunt say "you are going to clean this mess up" well those days may be over for me....but those vivid memories still scream SUMMER. Although I work hard I also play hard....and still make my walks everyday (or at least we try). We have been up to our eyeballs in blueberries, blackberries, some peaches, and I have had a few figs here and there, they are coming soon tons of green ones this year. TOMATOES GALORE..........No joke its been a great year. Also I have had so many customers who bought my plants come back and tell me that these plants have been the "BEST" most prolific and "tallest" plants they have ever had. You know I'm doing the happy dance inside to know my little plant babies went on to live good lives and produce so well for others.....I have had the biggest thrill this year of hearing that over and over from folks who bought my plants!! #happydance
            So on to the painting,,,,,,,,uh? isn't that what the post is supposed to be about anyway???? Well I am actually multitasking as I type this from bouncing back in forth outside to laundry to folding laundry and adding a video on YouTube and cleaning up the bathroom off of my room. So yep its multitasking. All I can say is "WOW" not only do I go from one process to another "OMG" just amazing process! I can hardly believe how one painting is like my so called favorite and then you do another workshop and bam now its this one is the favorite. This class actually started in 2014 and here it is 2019 and I am just getting back to it. I am sorry I missed the time frame but not all of us can work on our art when we want to, but here I am now getting it done and the class is still available for purchase so its all GOOD!!!! Go to Donna Downey's Website 48 weeks so you can join in on the fun....and see which one of the painting becomes your favorite in your own process.
Here I have tried to show you the gold paint 

again the gold paint in more detail and I just love the "dream with your heart" stamp from Unity Stamps 

 Dreaming of her new adventures and what the future holds for her as she goes forward in search of the new beginnings......what lies ahead can be dreamed with your heart~ Dawn Gallop
the girl really made the whole final touch to the process 

 like I said many times over "Donna Downey" really makes you feel like your in her studio and you are painting with her....
note the layers 

the textures 

again in my happy little place on my porch 

This is that happy little place if you haven't seen it before 


Well let me tell you about this little story....I ordered my first prescription Costa sunglasses when Dusty got his glasses which was a really big deal....first off I don't usually a so called name brand. I had justifications for this commitment one we work outside almost all day off and on....so the polarized glasses make them better for your eyes and much clearer. I did get the glass frames as I tried on a bunch and those were the best for me. You need to really protect your eyes well while in the sun. Two white with blue are the same glasses I had when I met Bruce and really never have seen glasses like that before much or ones for me....as Cathi said at the eye doctor (we have known Cathi since the girls were little) she used to live in Gates County and her daughter goes to school with Colten now. She has been working at the eye doctor as long as I can remember and Alexis, Amanda, and Crystal (now Dusty) have worn glasses forever. SO these COSTA prescription sunglasses are a pretty big deal....well it had been six weeks from the time I ordered as they are only made in the Costa lab and then shipped to the eye doctor with my prescription. So its been a right good wait well you know it is summer time.....
Yesterday morning while I was in the chicken coop she called and said UPS had just came and guess what was in the box....with a gift.....MY GLASSES on my birthday too! Yep yesterday I celebrated my 51st birthday.....wtf I always say I ask myself "how did I get here" (a lyric from the Talking Heads song) how did this happen, well it did and now I am 51! 

Bruce taking pics and me posing by the Costa Sunglass Case 


The morning of my 51st Birthday 


<<<<<<<<DRUMROLL PLEASE>>>>>>>

On Bruce's birthday and my brothers birthday Josh WE HAVE A NEW BABY GRANDSON

Levi Sebastian 

Congratulations to our son Bruce Jr. and daughter in law Kimberly for the birth of the fourth child

Grandma again!!! 

He is so adorable of course I see my Jr. all over again....so tiny and precious.

Look at his tiny precious face and hands oh my goodness heart flutters 
On Sunday I made a big dinner and they came over to visit, my aunt came too I made two cakes a pineapple upside down cake per Bruce's request and a German Chocolate Cake per Colby's request. 
I didn't take a pic of the pineapple one I cooked it in the cast iron skillet as Bruce likes the best. Everyone loved the pineapple cake the most they said. So I think perhaps Colby may request that one again. 

I had made Bruce his own tiny smash cake (extra cake batter) hehehe

This is the German Chocolate Cake and behind it is the Pineapple Upside Down Cake 

Always so much to talk about right.....well I better  close its now time to go collect eggs, make some  goat milk yogurt and finish up things outside.

Have a great week....
btw I am doing better from my sickness I was not feeling good for about two weeks....kept on going but it was hard. 

from my garden

Cyber hugs, 
Dawn Gallop 

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