Thursday, November 7, 2019

Week 17 Donna Downey's 48 Weeks Journaling Workshop Class ~You ARE bOOtiful~ Way off the class

Hello and unbelievable but its already November which I had bits and pieces of this completed and I wanted to post before Halloween but however that didn't happen. I actually cut the fabric dolls out during a car ride to and fro a show. This is what started off as Week 17 of Donna Downey's 48 Week Class  but somehow I took a left turn and ended up they say let the art speak for it self as it will tell YOU what it wants to be! The fabric cutouts I bought because I went to Joann's when my daughter Alexis showed me all the fabrics they had for the Halloween season. Well that was IT, I had to to get to Joann's the first chance I could. One of my customers ordered four elderberry syrups and we were out delivering close to where Joann's is.....PERFECT I quickly mentioned to Bruce I would like to go the Joann's. With Bruce there Is NO shopping unless you absolutely need it! He dropped me off and went to the store to get a few things. There were only two Halloween fabrics in the store...this one and a Snoopy one.....I was like ohhhhhh I really wanted some of the prints Alexis showed me on FaceTime. Anyways I got this one and I'm glad I did never imagined it was going onto Week 17's journal pages. I had a blast as usual. I layer every second I can....I come over to switch laundry over, check on dinner (which is mostly Instant Pot), etc. and I throw a layer on here and there. I kinda thought I was going back to week 5 as this progressed but it took a slight Y in the road. 
Last weekend was super busy at the Jubilee that this week I have been basically working around the clock....NO JOKE yep burning the candle at both ends. Trying to catch up enough to make it through this weekend. I feel like I am on the endless loop de loop roller coaster. It's a RIDE let me tell ya but I know that January is coming and it slows up a bit. I still have goats and farm work but the shows aren't every weekend. Plus this month there were shows during the week and some days twice during the week. 

                  The fun "scary" tree which my boys loved this one. It certainly was fun.
 Remember this book is the large book and to show how large it is I put my feet in it. So you can judge how large it is. This is the full spread.
Loved all the ephemera I used in the background. Perfect for extra layers. 

These characters were just so cute and fun. 

This one actually reminded me of Wednesday from The Addams Family. We went to the movie to see it on the Wednesday before Halloween. A little Halloween treat for the boys. They love getting the popcorn and nachos......I know it cost me a fortune but its a TREAT! 

You can see all the texture here. 

Of course ya always need the witches 

More of the fun characters. 

Note the Texture, I absolutely love texture it just adds so dimension and space. 

You are bOOtiful I just love it! It fit my goth side and Halloween all at the same time.

The full of each journal page if you would like to see any of the other classes I did you can go to each week to see them

Go to Donna Downey's for the class to JOIN

This is where Bruce will be on Saturday and Sunday it is a great show well put on and a great design. It brings a lot of folks in and is in a great location. We will have our Mead for sale as we have the NC License to sell alcohol. So stop by if ya can. Over 70+ vendors a lot of them some of my favorite NC buddies!!! 

I will be here Saturday, I have never been here before ever and a few of my good buddies do this one so they suggested I come. So we shall see. I hope you can make it....I hear its EXCELLENT!!! Lot of vendors, great food and it is time to start your holiday shopping!!!! Some come out if ya can!!!

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