Monday, January 27, 2020

Lastest Updates and Happenings Here at #9 Farms

                Hello everyone its hard to believe that one is 2020!! To think I remember when it was Y2K and we thought it was so scary and all these things would go wrong with our computers and how we all had to be prepared for the year 2000. Now I am thinking back on the song by the AMAZING Prince "Party like its 1999." Awwww great memories. Now the year 2020 but here the farm it is as though time kept on going without us as we work nonstop and after this show this weekend at The Virginia Flower and Garden Show I am paying the price. It was long hours and very hard work. All our stuff is heavy. I am very slow moving on Monday mornings although the cheese must get done so no time to leisure. We had a great time saw a lot of the other vendors we knew and met a lot more. We enjoyed talking with others and the stories they shared and the friendships we made. That kinda thing makes it all worth it!! Absolutely sure! We love our customers and its always a pleasure to hear what's going on in their lives and seeing their beautiful faces and meeting their families and friends. We have already done two shows this year and never have had a break somewhat of one while Cody and Amelia were here for the holidays. Thursday the 23rd of January my oldest son celebrated his 33rd birthday.......ok I know, now you know I'm Shhhhh  we will leave that part out. I kept our grandson Levi and granddaughter Clarrisa for a few hours and had a blast with them.

Clarrisa loves Snapchat too we had fun making faces and her telling me all the toys she has and about a watch she got from Santa and where her sisters were. She came with a bag of goodies Cheetos, banana, and a nutty bar. She ate the banana first, then the Cheetos, drank her cup full "her baba" of "juice." We had to be at the Virginia Beach Convention Center at 3pm that day so Bruce loaded the car and the trailer to get us ready for the show. While I was in "grandma land" not a care in the world about a show or anything else but having fun with the grandkids. 

Levi fell asleep in my arms and slept so well it was pure bliss! 

Just look at his adorable face!!! #LOVE 

After Bruce was done with all the loading and prep work for the show set up, he ate in to play and even cooked popcorn with Clarissa. She told him his popcorn wasn't good. He makes it overt the stove in a pot no microwave popcorn at all. Isa ate the popcorn anyway it was so cute. 

Here she is telling him "this candle on the cupcake can't blow out" 

Of course the shows well I have been making these bracelets which I enjoy greatly its fun, creative, and relaxing. So even as late as it can be at night when we finally sit down I make bracelets. I set goals to make this # etc. so I can have plenty in different styles, sizes and colors. It is fun and so many folks really like them. 

more bracelets I have been making

more bracelets 

Since I really never even made any posts of anything during the holidays I wanted to share these beautiful little faces.  Alexis, Ledger and Riggs. You may have remembered them from the summertime when they stayed at our house for 31 days.....which gave grandma and papa a new meaning to taking care of babies. Riggs had just turned one and Ledger had just turned two.  He is a link of some pics from this summer. 

Her beautiful family. The Santa suit was actually Colten's when he was a baby and all my boys from Colten down have worn it. Now look! 

Cody and Amelia arrived on December 17, 2019 we picked them up at the airport you know the story there, they arrived a few hours later than expected but Cody wanted to go to Cookout so we went waited in line for while as it was like 1:30 am maybe even closer to 2 am. When got home everyone Colten was like "where's mine??" of course I figured everyone would be sleeping.....nope. We were so excited to see them we started off with the goats and chickens, then making jams the next day to canning pickles, you name it Amelia even made beeswax candles, the bracelets. We were ever so grateful to have help and of course they learn a lot in the that Cody was much more interested in learning some of our many skills. We went on the walks at the millpond, went and did some shopping like to 17th Street Surf Shop, visited the OBX so Amelia could see the beach, the monument, Jockey's Ridge, the Atlantic Ocean, shell shops, go to the Avalon Fishing Pier (where me and Bruce met), played games at the pier, all the good ole stuff. 

Cody bought us oysters from Murray Nixons and I steamed in the Instant pot which turned out amazing!! 

The day we were at the castle on Jockey's Ridge was even a lot more was exposed that day. Its so amazing as when I was a kid I remember the mini golf. You can read all about the hotel, the mini etc. HERE that have been consumed by the mountain of sand. I have been coming to this state park for as long as I can remember. I even remember when I was about 8 my dad and I climbed it and rolled down. That particular day we found the most beautiful shell on the beach it was extremely fragile but I still remember it like it was yesterday. Such a blessing. 

While Cody and Amelia were here Cody wanted to make sausage. Well we can do that Cody. So we did!! We bought our first meat grinder in 1995 it lasted for many years, we paid $500 for this grinder from a real restaurant store which I was like "WOW" then....but these newer ones cost more....Cody and Bruce enjoyed the process, Cody was very good at it. 

The sausage from when it was twisted you can see the video here 

one of the most favorite foods I had made in Codys childhood was peach salsa, he requested we make it while he was here and he shipped several jars home. 

I was making Christmas jam per request even in January 

more candles 

 of course making more candles, I just love reminds me of the years I spent pouring ceramic molds. I even worked at  a ceramic shop before and I bought so many molds.....miss that! I used to go to all the craft shows back in the day selling my ceramics...this was the late 80's and all the way up to 1997. I quite because I was having severe wrist pain from all the heavy mold pouring and come on I had five kids then it was hard to do the shows. Good times!
Made more cinnamon pickles 

Pickles, pickles, pickles 

Of course can't forget all the soap making.....its like we go from one thing to the next some days I feel like I am on this roller coaster that won't stop.....and I keep yelling "HEY CAN I GET OFF THIS COASTER FOR A MINUTE?" Its been seed starting time, of course I have a bunch of house plants as I always have....and do enjoy them I LOVE SEED TIME!!! Bruce is actually now cleaning up what we call our freezer room (as there are four deep freezers in the room), as he is building yet another light system for my seedlings that will start any day. Last year you may have seen this below on how we start our seeds with the lights I got last year. 


we have been taking the boys when we can or Colten does to the skateboard park. Dusty is really good and very much enjoys it. 

Colby has been digging it too 

Dusty ask everyday if he can go. 

One Sunday this year when it was in the upper 70's we went to Mt. Trashmore in Virginia Beach, the boys skated and Bruce and I walked around the skate park and even climbed up the hill. It was wonderful!! 


The next one will be at Grassfield High School on February 22, 2020 in Chesapeake Virginia 

Thank you for stopping by and do have a wonderful week. I am hoping to get back to my paintings soon I thought I would but since the last post of the paintings NOPE it has not happened for me. Lots of drawing for my watercolors ready to go...but no painting here lately. Tomorrow we meet with a friend of ours that is going to help us with a stay tuned. YAY! 
Happy New Year BTW 
hard to believe Valentine's Day is right around the corner too! 

Peace Out! 

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