Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The 48 Weeks Journal Workshop By Donna Downey My Version of Week #18 ~Love the Story~

Hello once again....since I wrote in the blog last a lot has happened, as you know that's life! I told Bruce that all I wanted for Valentine's Day (however I expected nothing) as we worked and traveled that day to the Wine and Chocolate Festival which I spoke of in my last post see below. For Valentine's Day was to paint....it is really hard for me as someone/somebody/something always needs or wants me. No complaints there! So when I get to paint its just so wonderful and relaxing. The last time I got to work on the 48 Weeks Workshop was my last entry for the Week #17  back in late October 2019. You know the rest is history....always busy. I am always tired too idk if its the Fibromyalgia or just old age or the fact its winter, raining, no sunshine, and COLD. So I have been extremely tired. I keep working as I have too, when I am finally finished (if that's a word on a farm), I am too tired to paint. So for Valentine's Day I wanted to paint....SO I DID...it wasn't Valentine's Day but it happened and that's all I care about. I GOT TO PAINT!!!! YAY!!!! I went way off path of Donna but that's me...when I am on roll.....other times it will be very very similar to Donna's with as Mindy Lacefield always said "with a touch of Dawn" referring to the paintings. I spent a whole weekend with Mindy Lacefield at Donna Downey's one weekend when Dina Wakley came to teach at Donna's place. If you would like to check out the 48 Weeks Workshop. She has some amazing classes to offer online and in person. 
I was so very happy with this painting in the journal I am calling LOVE THE STORY. I love to paint and journal so much its a true LOVE that I am very passionate about....and absolutely LOVE!! I think it, dream it, and talk about it all the time. 

If you would like to see any of my other weeks go to the week below. As I have said this all started back in 2013/2014 and here I am only on week 18....as I always say "better late than never"....works here! 

I used the Rebekah Meier stencil I bought back in October at Art and Soul..... Go HERE to see the post. In that post you actually see my cat Jack who now is not so tiny anymore....he sleeps with Bruce every night. The flowers I punched out with an EkSuccess flower punch. The paints are Golden Paints. The paper I used is the Basic Gray which y friend Beverly gave me awhile back its called Lime Rickey (that goes way back......) 

This stencil was also Rebekah Meier as well I had bought this one so time ago now.  

TEXTURE.....you know I love that. 

More texture 

Love, Live, tell the story

A sticker by Tim Holtz 

When we were on our way to Fayetteville for the Wine and Chocolate Fest we stopped here at Kenly 95 truck stop talk about a shopping experience....of course we only left there Colby getting a Dairy Queen blizzard.  Of course make it a cookies and cream. 

Dairy Queen Blizzard time 

He was thrilled to be with Capt Jack Sparrow....aka Johnny Depp. He is his most favorite actor!! 
Want to go back down memory lane......

Halloween 2014 
Colby as Jack Sparrow 

Dusty was The Mad Hatter (another Johnny Depp character) 

Amanda made the hat back in like 2010

Cooper was Edward Scissorhands which is another Johnny Depp. I made the hands from Dollar Tree stuff. Aves Apoxie clay. 

Anyways back to the Wine and Chocolate Fest

it was fun and we met a lot of awesome folks....of course a bunch of Army guys and gals...it was a BLAST!

I was telling about the Mead 
This was one of the Instagram Props 

Another one of the Instagram Props 
Photo OP

All Set up at the Wine and Chocolate Fest.

It was so busy Bruce had lines.......LINES!!!!! 

There was an hour break from 4-5 pm which really wasn't a break we still busy...it started at noon for the VIP and went till 4, then 5 the VIP came in for the second session from 5-9. Colby went and found the Funnel cakes....always a great find....am I right??? Well they certainly enjoyed it!!! 

So this Saturday we were at Grassfield High School for the craft show which is always AMAZING we have great customers there and I get to see all my vendor family and just have a great time. We had snow on Thursday and Friday there was no school, so I was so worried they would cancel the show....but so THANKFUL they didn't it was a GO! YAY!! They always have a great raffle ticket where for $10 you buy a arms length of tickets and if they draw one of your numbers you WIN...well my number got drawn three times......SWEEEEEET so my number was one of the first drawings and I won the rooster picture by Frank Cambron with his business Paintings, Portraits, Animal Pictures and More, OMG what a beautiful painting!!! Then I won again towards the end of the day....and I got the colored pencil art from Dismal Swamp Girl Studio.....love them both! Then at the very end of the show I won again and it was a yellow crochet blanket.  A very lucky day!! 

This is Jack now talk about not so tiny anymore....He is the sweetest...WE GOT SO LUCKY we Denise gave us Jack. We love him so much!!! He is on my bed....if ya don't recognize it. 

So we have had plants growing for awhile and we have transplanted here and there and now we were transplanting again today....put more lights up...spring will be here real soon!!! We both work so hard everyday. 

Today while we were out taking care of the bees and moving stuff in the greenhouse you could see signs of spring everywhere....beautiful! The peach tree. 

Always like to show you how large this Journal is......

I thank you for stopping by and seeing a bit of what has been going on around here...its the usual with a bit of added work load with all the plants, etc...but as long as I got to paint I am a very happy girl!! 

Have a wonderful week!!! 
No show this weekend....its a Leap Year....yep February 29. My next show will be March 14, 2020 at the Smithfield Farmers Market in Virginia behind the BSV Bank in Smithfield VA. from 9-12 there will also be a St. Patrick's Day Parade. I love that!! 
Sending hugs and love to all until next time!! 

Dawn Gallop

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