Friday, April 24, 2020

Week 22 of the Donna Downey 48 Weeks Journaling Workshop ~Keep Moving Forward~

Hello and Happy Friday....I can hardly believe we will be going into May.....I have been working harder than ever planting and taking care of plants. I am so excited for this year of planting with my back pain and fibromyalgia I have masterminded a total new of now its working out considerably great. I have planted many of my peppers, and tomatoes in buckets and huge pots. I will post a pic soon they are huge now already and I have baby tomatoes on them.....makes me proud to see. I have been working on cleaning up the art what a mess. It is extremely hard to clean up when you have an exuberant creative mind. I clean a little then create a little...then ask myself "WHY" why do I have all these art supplies.....the creative mind can be too much at times. I am soo very thankful I have it though. Any how on to the was definitely different for me.....when Bruce saw it he said "Alrighty dighty" okay like what is he meaning with that??? He just kept saying "this is not you"....well sometimes you just got to go with the flow....I had fun so whatever. If you would like to find out about the Donna Downey workshop go HERE the original inspiration of this work came from Karen Schnepf  
My boys liked it a lot Dusty even said "that is awesome" so much depth 

Keep Moving Forward

I get so busy and run out time then the sun starts to go down almost too late to get a nice pic of the whole layout then the next day it rains....which is perfectly fine with me it makes me hurt more but at least I can fill up my rain barrels to water all my plants with. We have four 300 gallon barrels and one 1200 gallon water tank we catch all the rain from the greenhouse. So like I said rain is good!

If you would like see the rest of the weeks go here to each week for a peak 

only two more weeks to be onto Semester 3  "YES!!!!!"
These are 7 and 10 gallon cloth bags which I have almost 50 of them as you can see my tomatoes are rocking it...

My mom found this awesome apron and gave it to Bruce for Christmas one year 

All the planting has been transpiring 

                                 This row has all peppers I planted outside of the high tunnel
This is one of the boys favorite meals 
Chicken and Broccoli casserole I made a video on how I make it 

I have been getting orders on my Etsy page which has been are only means of income it hasn't been a lot but I AM SO VERY THANKFUL for the orders and I appreciate the messages, notes and feedback I have received on the Etsy page and other social medias. Thank you everyone who has ordered we all greatly appreciate you!!! 

Please do visit my Etsy store

Well it's actually Friday morning at 1:30 am I can't sleep so here I type. Hopefully you are staying safe and well. 
Wishing you a great weekend.......stay happy and healthy.

Lots of love to all and air hugs..
Dawn Gallop 

Keep Moving Forward 

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