Thursday, April 9, 2020

Week 21 of Donna Downey's 48 Weeks Journaling Workshop ~Believe in Tomorrow~

      Wow can you hardly believe I got another painting done despite the extra workload?? Well, yep I did since I haven't had as many orders and the farmers market to prepare for my workload in that aspect is much slower, but I have been forever busy with plants, greenhouse, goats, and the homeschool life. Our life on the farm is a stay home life anyway so not going anywhere other than to make deliveries one day a week its work as usual here. So when I can I sneak up to the third floor of my house (as I haven't opened up my paint porch yet this spring) and paint. However after this week I actually have to clean up my space before Bruce starts bitching about it. I have stuff all over the floor and on the table and boxes of markers, paint pens, paints all the hoopla that goes with a mixed media artist. I certainly enjoyed myself with this one as this is totally freeing. I did sooooo want to do a face though as that is what I love. I am loving the flowers though. So springs like too. It is 11;15 Bruce is still working on the taxes and I am listening to Beethoven and typing up this blog. It was super hot today I did all the work outside while Bruce and Colten helped Jr., the bees are certainly loving this weather. It was windy and when it is windy you seem much more tired while working in the wind??!! Kinda just wears on ya. My plants are all doing awesome I so need to start digging about getting callous on your hands....this is the time of year for that. Well on to the painting....this one is way off from Donna's but since its springtime...Easter this weekend....I was feeling the flowers and the quote by Aubrey Hepburn "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." To me what a perfect quote for our uncertainties at this current time. I have talked with other farmers and they have told me that folks have been saying they planted a garden this year (well or getting ready to start) so this is exciting to hear. I know the seed companies and loving it!!! I always sell (or should I say sold) a lot f paints at the market each year. I say sold due to Covid-19 since we have no shows or markets at this time. I seriously need more orders on my Etsy store. I not only miss our customers, but my market family and all my friends. The girl is the girl who has planted the garden and as the quote goes..........
by Claude Monet. 
The Art of Possibilities as a garden has endless possibilities. When I am gardening I am definitely quite lost in a haze of unreality. The sun shining on my face and back I love it!! It all just makes me HAPPY. 

If you would like to go find out more about the workshop go to Donna's Website or this class exactly go to 48Weeks
I can hardly believe I have made it to 21 weeks (well it only took six years) lol no that's just me too much other stuff to do. 

You can see the texture its all just aahhhh! 

That so wonderful quote by Aubrey Hepburn I so remember watching her movies when I was a kid my mom always loved those movies. Shirley Temple was my favorite back then. One of my favorite movies from the earlier movies was Errol Flynn. 

The sun has a lot of texture too I also used iridescent paints but you can't tell much like this. 

The whole layout in the book I had originally forgot to post this but now I am updating.....its Friday night now. Still makes me happy to look at! 
Take care.....and have a great weekend!!!! 🦋

The art of possibilities is a stencil by Donna Downey too

I wanted to share these pics that came up in my Timehop the other day which is so funny because ti was exactly the day I did a majority of this painting well on that day in like 2013 which was also April I went to Donna Downey's for a workshop and that is where my all time favorite artist Mindy Lacefield and Dina Wakley and the boys got to ride in the limo which was a huge deal!

Cody, Colten, Colby, Cooper, and Dusty seven years ago. I can hardly believe it we had gone up to Hendersonville so I could be in the workshop oh what great love and miss those days. 

Look at the boys riding in the limo they still talk about it. Donna invited them to ride along to the restaurant. 

It was a very long limo

here at the restaurant where Donna even paid for their meals....what a wonderful person to think of them too. 

These were some of the art we worked on while there the girl I actual had to close my eyes to draw....yeah close my eyes it was a really different ...

Donna and me 

Mindy and I 

Dina and Donna 

Me and Dina Wakley

This was another one of my paintings I did their was once my phone cover and I still sell this as a post card at 

Irish Soda Bread is one of the boys favorites I made them this week 

It is always a big hit here

I hope everyone is staying safe and well. I miss seeing everyone at our markets I cannot say that enough. Please everyone take care and enjoy your upcoming weekend. It is technically the beginning of our spring break this week coming so the boys won't be getting any school work delivered this coming week. The school and the cafeteria and bus drivers have absolutely done an amazing job during this stay home executive order. I am so very PROUD of them!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICES. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! 

Air Hugs, 
Dawn Gallop

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