Saturday, May 16, 2020

Week 23 of Donna Downeys 48 Week Journaling Workshop and the End of Second Semester ~Positive Intentions~ with a lot of Tam

Hello I hope all has been going well with you and yours. We have been working hard here as usual. We have planted even more than usual....which in turns makes for more duties. Colten has had a new girlfriend and he hasn't had time to help out as much. So Bruce and I have been working extra hard. The boys have had a lot of school work and are getting spring fever to get out more and ride their skateboards. Mother's Day was nice Bruce put up a storm door on the second floor door to the front porch so we could have a screen to get a nice flow of air. I have asked for this door for more than 10 joke. Now as Colby said "this door is amazing" it allows in such a nice few of air and a tremendous amount of beautiful cascading light. We have now had it almost a week, so we have certainly enjoyed it to the fullest. I can see all the hummingbirds we feed now without looking out the closed front door potentially scaring off the hummingbirds. I love seeing them!! Well this one took me approximately two weeks to complete. I did not have the stencils for the one Donna did nor did I feel for that one. This inspiration actually came from Tam's book  or you can view her wonderful community at Tamara Laporte she is full of beautiful sweet calming words and a passion for helping others to see the beauty in ones self and getting rid of that inner critic. ALL I CAN SAY TAM is AMAZING!!!! I started her first Life Book 2012 and one of what I call my best painting was on she taught me. Love ya Tam! Every since I saw her painting in the book I have wanted to paint it. She makes it so easy and it is nice to actually complete a project from a book and being able to use the inspiration. I enjoyed the process immensely. My aunt came out for Mother's Day and I fixed her a good meal and a cake. I didn't invite her for Easter (hello folks we are in a Pandemic) however she thinks I should have and was actually crossed with me. She works at a pharmacy and is a frontline cashier with no mask, no shield and no gloves. Anyhoo she came here and it was a very nice day. So this week which I can hardly believe it is Week 23 and almost the end of the second semester. I am feeling so accomplished!!! YES! Go check out Donna's 48 Weeks. She is fun and a great teacher! 

I love making these oh my do I ever! I actually learned this technique back in 2010 at a Donna Downey Inspired workshop I can't remember her name but she was actually a mural painter. This is what we made in class that day, but I had to finish it home....
this is what I made in 2010 

This is where it hangs in my room....going out to make back porch. 

the full spread of the two pages I just love it so much fun and whimsical 

if you would like to see the full last 22 posts see below on each of the weeks 

I can hardly believe I have made It this far....but so thankful and feeling so accomplished. 

Now on to week 24 and the end of the second semester 

Two more semesters to go

So basically I have almost completed half of the 48 weeks ~happy dance 

Dusty has been picking roses like crazy for our rose water we even have a new drying rack that hangs from the ceiling and is huge so now we have even extra room for drying roses and other herbs

I have been making bracelets again to add to my Etsy store GO HERE 

So please if you would like to see Tamara Laporte go to her site Willowing dot com and you can find her book there and it was lesson 6 Looking Inward. 

I have been making more jams too getting ready for new fruits of the season to come 

Made raspberry again this is always a delicious jam 
its on my Etsy store too 

Love raspberry jam 

mango habanero 

Oh my delicious mango habanero 

I made a bunch more wintergreen salves these are excellent for my fibromyalgia pain and putting on your chest as a chest rub and for super dry hands and feet again on my Etsy store 

I already have beautiful tomatoes loving it!!! 

I have more than 300 tomato plants so we are hoping for an amazing year of really helps our family out 

I planted a bunch in cloth bags this year a new thing we are trying just to see and easy on my back and my fibromyalgia pain I have fields of them too 

Go to see our pickle video on YouTube 
As you can see the fields are loaded 

Take care stay safe missing you all!!! 
Hugs to all and until to next time 

Love you guys!! 

Dawn Gallop 

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