About Me

       Hi and Welcome to my little ole' blog. My name is Dawn Gallop and I am mom to nine children, and three granddaughters and another girl on the way due in May. The children are from ages 28-6 years old. There are six boys and three girls. I have been married for almost 30 years to a wonderful supportive and caring man. We have one fur baby, Boomer, fish, a cockatiel Sonny and a turtle. I also raise chickens which I immensely enjoy knowing what I feed my family has not been altered in any way.  We live in North Carolina on the coast in a small farm town.  I have many many passions from photography, art, scrapbooking, gardening, making jewelry, sewing, and cake decorating....oh yeah and of course cooking and canning. My husband says I have tooo many hobbies!   I am always on the go born with the BUSY gene I am always working and playing. I rarely to almost never watch tv, yeah head hung low....I read on my down time, mostly always falling asleep with a book in my hand, and a baby in my arm.  I get up early although my hubby thinks I am not a morning person. I am just not the social happy one first thing in the morning....he is.
       I went to nursing school when I was 18 and graduated in 1989 I started working right away and worked many years on night shift as a float nurse working on many floors. I love fast paced work, I get bored when not on overload. I have worked in the craft industry from teaching ceramics as a certified Gare instructor and as a traveling artist teaching children in the elementary schools. Also teaching adults cake decorating and flower arranging for the College.  I have always taught high schooler's to sew for many years as a volunteer. I do find that very rewarding and just am amazed when they are so proud of their creations it just makes me HAPPY! I have always volunteered whether it be as a Girl Scout leader, Cub Scout Leader, soccer coach, and I was even a candy striper and of course loved when I got the 200 hour award in one summer!  I also am a Master Gardener. I have taught at  a scrapbook store as a teacher, I have been teaching Tim Holtz classes and the Copics Advanced classes.
 I just love to teach I want to share all my knowledge and help people grow in their creative paths. I am always teaching the kids life skills and I can say I have done a fine job at that, as I pat myself on the back....lol! My older ones, four are on their own and are very successful. I just love it when they call and ask me for a recipe, even though they already have an idea they just wanted to make sure it was right.
       I enjoy taking art classes to learn more and just enjoy the friendship. I love learning new skills, techniques and ready to try anything new. I am a vegetarian by choice and drink diet Pepsi Max which I would say is not healthy but I try to limit to one a day, and hot tea. Although I do cook for my family who are not vegetarians, so if a recipe I share is not vegan/vegetarian you will understand.
      I'm sure there are a ton more things to tell ya about me.......but I do suffer from writers block at times....lol!


Kiron Manuel said...

Nice to know about you.Please contact me asap via my blog.I know you from Postcrossing.com

Janet said...

Hi Dawn! I just stumbled onto your website through Pinterest. I've been following one of your boards and finally put 2 & 2 together and decided you are the Dawn I thought you are! The boys have grown so, so much. You look so good. Tell hubby I said "hi". Keep on crafting. Your creations are gorgeous! Big, big hugs to all. Janet Walters of SDV Fame :)

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